Monday, April 13, 2009

Operation Phoenix Update - 4/13/09

From Redsox at UHD:

Hello Fellow Rangers I hope everyone had a nice Easter or are having a nice Passover with their families.

There are 12 days left until the Welcome Home to Jericho Event. Mike’s Mom and the organizers have arranged for shuttle service to the Sportsman Lodge from the airports.

Nobody’s Baby, KayT and Pmary continue to work on putting the event together. There will be a Panel Question and Answer with the cast and also a receiving line where you can take pictures and get autographs signed. In addition they are looking into the possibility of getting a tour of what is left of the set. They have a lot of obstacles to clear to get this accomplished and we will get updates soon.

Today’s brave and dramatic rescue of our fellow US citizen by US Navy SEALS from Somalia Pirates really underscores the main objective of this event. That is that many men and women serve in uniform far from home to protect our country. They leave behind families that are left to fend for themselves while worrying and praying every day until their loved one comes home safe and sound. Many are children who see their dad or mom leave to go off to war and they do not see them again for a year or sometimes 2 years later..

Current state of the Fandom.

I know people are tired and just hanging on for some news about the movie. We can continue to be proactive and be counted. Completing the Feed back forms for CBS and the CW and sending emails to them and epix are key to continue to make a business case to continue the Jericho story.

We cannot give up now. The charity event will afford us a terrific opportunity to put Jericho back on the front page with the decision makers in LA and New York and will also afford us the opportunity to show people what we are about, a community that tries to help when and where ever we can. I chose to continue to email, send a letter and post card each week. Emails and faxes can be free and are counted.

We need to Keep the Faith and Stay the Course. I say this a lot to underscore the point that we are still here on the CW, Sci Fi, Joost, Hulu and among others. Jericho continues to generate interest and continues to garner new fans. We need to be counted and be heard. We also need to make sure that we help the families of our military.

Rangers Lead the Way!