Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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Welcome Home Jericho Home Stretch

From Redsox UHD:

Hello Fellow Rangers

I have been using my time away from Jericho to catch up on personal things and to take a breather from a non stop campaign. This past Friday marked the 1st anniversary of the 2nd cancellation and the start of our 2nd campaign to revive Jericho again.

Over the past year thousands of fans raised money, put up a billboard and made and put on their own tv commercial. Over time many have left for one reason or another but Jericho continues to peak interest and continues to run on the CW through June 14m and on Sci Fi Channel.

Though many of us have grown weary and just want the darn movie made and Season 3 to be made the fact is we will have to continue to wait. The production team, actors and crew want to make more Jericho but they have families and careers to attend to until the movie can be made. The comic Book which is not something I like is a way that shows are kept alive these days and sales are tracked by the bean counters.

We can all still help achieve those goals of a movie and a Season 3 in our own ways. Writing a letter or email, completing the Feedback forms, putting a sign in your card window, wearing a t-shirt and most importantly word of mouth either through direct contact or through social networks like Face Book. We each in our own way can carry on the fight to bring Jericho back.

We have what could be the biggest and most important Jericho Charity endeavor in the past three years coming up on April 24th –26th in Los Angeles. It is first and foremost about raising money to help Soldiers’ families including their children who are left behind at home for 13 months and many times more. It is also a way for the Jericho fans to do something good and to promote the show at the same time. It is a way to help families and children of deployed soldiers and for providing a prime opportunity in Los Angles to highlight and showcase Jericho, its’ fans and what they are about. www.welcomehometojericho.com, look at this video: http://jericho4kids.com/press/link/v1/kayt/2009/02/10/what-the-welcome-home-to-jericho-charity-event-is-about/

Last year when we decided to target LA with the cable tv ads and billboard it was because LA is where the decision makers live and work and where we would get our best bang for our buck.

We need every Ranger, Fan and friend of Jericho who live in the LA area to sign up for the event. The event goes from Friday April 24 through Sunday April 26th but the most important day to register for is Saturday, April 25. That is the day we will have the silent auction and also when many of the cast, production team and crew are slated to appear at the event.

I am personally asking for everyone’s help and assistance on getting the news out in LA and Southern California and to get Jericho Fans, Moonlight Fans, military, Lions, Rotary members and others to get to the event on Saturday, April 25th. We need to get bodies to the Welcome Home event and make the biggest splash in our groups’ history.

We can and will get the movie made and a Season 3 but we need to keep watching each week and getting the word out. We are a large consumer group from all over, together we have made History and we will again. Together we can not fail!

Keep the Faith and Stay the Course more now than ever.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Phoenix Update - 3/16/09

From Redsox at UHD:

Hello Fellow Rangers:

Just wanted to send you out a message on a couple of things. First, as I stated earlier in the week I have taken some time off, partly due to stress form the long campaign and other personal issues. I am posting from time to time and have asked K6, Rate Keeper, NorsU and Dean to keep things moving along. I will continue to send out updates once in a while to keep things pushing along.

The numbers continue to climb, youtube hits are over 1,200,000 and the pilot is now over 95,000. UHD posts have topped the 25,000 mark and Sci Fi is closing in on 60,000.

I am still not happy with the comic book announcement this past week but have been told by many that it has become a normal way of marketing a franchise. Our goal is to get Jericho to that point where it is considered a franchise by Paramount, which I believe will help get the movie done.

A lot of things are going on right now but I have noticed that many including Lenni and Skeet and many of the producers are under contract to CBS Paramount.

NorsU and k6 have created along with a lot of help from other Rangers and gamers a great ARG game which is being followed all over the web.

On the Weekend of April 24 – 26, 2009, the Welcome Home to Jericho event is going on in LA at the Sportsman Lodge in LA. This is not only a great opportunity to help raise money for Soldiers and their families but also to create a lot of publicity for Jericho, the possible movie and a Season 3. There will be many of the Jericho family at the event. If you live in Southern California, I encourage you to register and attend as much of the event as possible.

Tired of all this economic turmoil and crazy weather? Let your heart not be troubled and come home to Jericho where you’ll be pampered, have fun with old friends, meet new ones and mingle with Esai Morales (Major Beck), April Parker Jones (Darcy Hawkins), Loomer, Matt Federman and others. Enjoy the tropical surroundings, sweet smell of ocean breezes. Come join us for a Welcome Home to Jericho Event April 24-26th at the Sportsmen’s Lodge Hotel in Studio City California . Event information and registration is at www.welcomehometojericho.com.
Discounted rooms, airfare, car rental and much more! HUR RY ! Beat the deadline before costs go up.

This will be a very inspirational experience to show support and gratitude to our deployed troops and their families in need. Come join us for fun and relaxation with Jericho fans, friends, cast and crew.

We want to remind you to register online at www.welcomehometojericho.com
before March 25, 2009 to take advantage of the current reduced prices. Prices will increase after that date. If you plan on attending, but cannot yet register, we will hold the reduced price for you if you respond by email no later than Monday, March 16th. You can email us from the WHTJ site.

We also want to encourage you to reserve your hotel room as soon as possible. There is another event scheduled during the same weekend as the WHTJ event and we can not hold open blocked rooms later than March 23rd.

We thank you and look forward to seeing you there.

The WHTJ Team

In addition, we need to remain vigilant and need to continue to be counted. Many of us are tired and probably sick of writing letters. We are looking for an announcement for the movie which may lead to a season 3 down the road. To get that we will need people to continue to watch, complete Feedback Forms, send emails, post cards and letters to CBS Paramount, the CW, epix.

I have included Robert Greenblatt at Showtime as well for those who want to send him a letter.
Showtime is owned by CBS and was able to put one of its’ shows, Dexter onto CBS last year. Dexters ratings as well as most of the Showtime shows are in the ballpark with Jericho repeats. As we are look for a partnership deal for Jericho with epix and the CW (think Friday Night Lights and NBC) having CBS Paramount produce a new season of Jericho for Showtime and then run it on the CW offers them the same type of deal and they retain total ownership.

Feedback Forms for CBS and the CW

CW Feedback Form: http://cwtv.com/feedback/comments
CBS Feedback Form: http://www.cbs.com/info/user_services/fb_global_form.php

Ms. Nancy Tellem
CBS Paramount Network Television
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604

Mark Greenberg, President and CEO
1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036

epix email: superfan@epixhd.com
epix Face Book link: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Ep...04949301?ref=mf
Addicted to Jericho Face Book: http://apps.facebook.com/jericho/
epix website: http://www.epixhd.com/

Ms. Dawn Ostroff
The CW Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

Robert Greenblatt
President, Entertainment, Showtime Networks Inc.
1633 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Saturn Award Nomination

From Ratkeeper at JKI:

Jericho has been nominated for a Saturn Award! Under "Best Presentation on Television"


The Saturn Awards are very prestigious Sci Fi Awards.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Jericho: The Comic Book

From Ratkeeper at JKI:

Posted by Jack Knife on UHD. here is the original press release from CBS Paramount.



CHICAGO - March 5, 2009 - Devil's Due Publishing (DDP) has announced a deal with CBS Consumer Products to publish a new comic book series tied to fan-favorite Jericho, the one-hour drama series that garnered critical acclaim and ran on CBS for two seasons, from 2006-2008. The series centered on the residents of the fictional town of Jericho, Kansas in the aftermath of nuclear attacks on 23 major cities in the contiguous United States. The comic book series will pick up where the television program left off, answering many questions for its passionate fans. DDP has teamed up with the show's creators and producers to develop an authentic story that will hit comic book retailers this fall.

Jericho fans are some of the most dedicated in the world of television. In 2007, devotees to the show produced by CBS Paramount Network Television rallied together to bring back the fan-favorite which was initially cancelled after just one season. The show returned for a seven-episode second season, but was not renewed for a third season. While fans received a little more closure with the end of season two, there were still loose ends that could be addressed.
"Jericho is alive and well, thanks to the amazing fans who've driven us to find new and fresh ways to tell the Jericho story," says Dan Shotz, Co-Executive Producer of Jericho. "Josh Blaylock and the DDP team are great partners and have shown a true love for our show. We are so thrilled about this comic book series and the endless possibilities for the future of Jericho."
Joining Shotz in developing the comic book will be most of the original creative team including Jon Turteltaub, Carol Barbee, Karim Zreik, and Jon Steinberg.

"I can't tell you how cool it is for DDP to be able to continue the Jericho story in comic book form," says DDP President Josh Blaylock. "We plan to give fans the story they've been craving. This is going to be epic stuff."

I read the first of "The X Files" comic books at WonderCon and it was really good. I'm looking forward to seeing the Jericho story continue.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why We Are Targeting epix

From Redsox at UHD:

Hello Fellow Rangers,

Just wanted to chime in with an update. First we had good numbers again on the CW with 1,178,000 going into 7:30pm lead in to movie. The Pilot on YouTube has gone over 93,000 views and the UHD Board is at 23,300 posts and climbing.

Gwen aka Ratkeeper, Crochetlady, Jeanine123, Sean and Robert were at Wondercon this past weekend in San Francisco and she had a few minutes with Dan Shotz and Karim Zriek. "The Jericho movie is in development," spoke Karim Zriek, continuing, "there's going to be announcement probably this coming week, not about a Jericho movie, but about another avenue which we're going to continue telling the Jericho story."


The Fandum is split with many getting excited from Dan and Karim’s words and others treating it with guarded reservations. We are coming up on the one year anniversary of Season 2 cancellation. Jericho is still on the CW and ratings continue to increase, youtube is over 1.1 million views, Sci Fi is showing another Marathon on March 9th.

Many ask why we are targeting epix and thanks to Ratkeeper we have been following epix for a while now. As it get closer to launch we are starting to see more press releases as their management team starts to take shape.

New article on epix.

Several interesting quotes form the article:

"Epix also will be the place to go for marathons featuring James Bond, Saw and the Pink Panther.-Mark Greenberg (The CW recently ran Pink Panther and James Bond movies with Jericho as we all know).

Building buzz

Indeed, the studios hope that they can do a better job than premium channels do of galvanizing fans, for example by offering outtakes, interviews and clips from actor auditions. The holy grail is to transform a single movie into a durable franchise that can generate a bonanza from sequels, DVDs, digital downloads and licensed merchandise.

Epix's backers think that they can use the Internet to help build buzz, especially among young viewers. People who get the channel from a cable, satellite or phone company will also be able to watch some films and programs online. There'll also be opportunities to buy merchandise and purchase or rent movies — with some revenue possibly going to the distributor.

"Feature films are special, and (most networks and providers) have turned it into a commodity," says Emil Rensing, Epix's head of digital media. "Because we're owned by the studios putting the titles out, we enjoy a unique relationship with the franchises," for example to develop social networks or offer unusual items such as movie ads that were rejected. (Emil seems like same Emil that answered Artzylady several weeks ago that Jericho was being considered for epix).
"We want to always be treating our fans like fanatics," he says.

Hollywood Reporter today another article concerning another member of the management team.
So we continue to write letters and post cards and send emails with the official Jericho on Epix post card.

Gwen estimates they gave out 425 postcards at Wondercon addressed to Nancy Tellem at CBS Paramount.

Post Cards and Letters to epix and CBS Paramount in Mass on Mondays.

Mark Greenberg, President and CEO
1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036
epix website: http://www.epixhd.com/
email: superfan@epixhd.com

Monday, March 2, 2009

Jericho Update and WonderCon Too!

From Ratkeeper at JKI:

We did get a Jericho update at WonderCon. I was going to wait until our film got up on the website, but the press has the story too.


Today, at the final day of San Francisco's WonderCon, the news Jericho fans have been waiting for since the series finale aired last spring has finally been spoken -- a Jericho movie, and possibly other Jericho-related projects are currently in the works. Sitting on a panel for the upcoming CBS serial-miniseries hybrid Harper's Island, co-executive producers Dan Shotz and Karim Zriek, veterans of Jericho, were asked the fated question at the end of the question-and-answer segment with the audience. Will there be more Jericho, or won't there be?

Please read the article for the rest of the update - I promise you it is good news!

You can read about the impressions of Wondercon on the UHD board. Here is the main thread:http://boards.nbcuni.com/universalHD/index.php?showtopic=2898&st=20&gopid=45875&#entry45875

I will have photos up on the JKI website later this week. I will also let you know when the film that we shot of the Jericho Q & A is ready to view.