Friday, May 8, 2009

Moving Forward

From Redsox at UHD:

Hello Fellow Rangers:

I wanted to chime in now that we are almost 2 weeks post the Welcome Home to Jericho event. Where do we go from here is the logical question on everybody's mind. Those who had the privilege of attending the event and helped raise over $5,000 for Operation Homefront also got the chance to meet their fellow rangers, many for the first time. They had a chance to meet and talk with the actors and writers and got a tour of the set.

For many new friendships were made or old ones re-enforced and everyone who went or attended the auction online have stated they do not want to lose those relationships. Ichthus made a post this past week that was dead on. We are all campaigned out. Many of us have campaigned since May 2007 and we are tired and want to move on.

The Welcome Home to Jericho event was a once in a life time event and I do not see it ever being duplicated. Most of the actors, writers and producers are currently working on other projects and would love to do the movie if it gets the go ahead from CBS/Paramount but they have careers and families to think about.

I had a chance to talk with Gwen earlier this week and my 2 cents is this. What we do know is that the movie is somewhere in the development phase. The series has continued to run on the CW and will continue through June 14th with Patriots and Tyrants. It continues to run on SyFy with another marathon scheduled for May.

CBS/Paramount has been collecting data with the graphs and charts we have sent, feedback forms, views on, joost and youtube, letters and emails, and yes the Neilsen numbers. Our best bet is that someone within the finance department at CBS paramount has an epiphany after looking at all the numbers from the most recent run of Jericho and the box office numbers for Star Trek and decides that the Jericho franchise is still a worthwhile investment.

This weekend the latest movie in the Star Trek franchise is hitting the theaters. We have seen reports from CBS/Paramount that due to the current economic conditions they are planning to only greenlight movies, tv shows for franchises they own such as Star Trek or in our case Jericho. I think what happens with the gate receipts for current Star Trek film will have a direct bearing on the decisions makers at Paramount as to weather or not they will move forward with the Jericho film within the next year.

The question remains for those of us who are left in the online community is what can we do to help persuade the bean counters at CBS/Paramount to get the movie into production. Quite simply we need to just continue to spread the word at the grass roots level and to maintain our social network as best we can on face book, on the board and through local gatherings.

What we can do is to organize local regional Ranger get togethers, I know that I have spoken with several Rangers including General Patton and BeeBull about getting together this summer. I will be reaching out to people to see if they would like to be a regional coordinator, a sort of contact person for their neck of the woods.

Another way to keep Jericho alive is to attend local conventions in your area such as the Comic Con being held this July in San Diego. I hope to be in California for work and make it to comic-con. Those who read comic books, the Jericho comic book will most likely be out this year and in many cases like Star Trek it is used as a way to broaden the fan base and to transition and lead into the film.

I am also sending out one more email, post card and letter to CBS/Paramount, Epix and Comcast just to let them know I am still here and interested in the show. Addresses are attached. My hope is that by keeping up socially and getting together in small groups that we will not lose touch and when time comes for the movie we will be here to help promote it and get people into the theater to watch.

The One thing I learned form the Welcome Home to Jericho Event is that this is a great community worth keeping together.

As always Keep the Faith

Ms. Nancy Tellem
CBS Paramount Network Television
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604

Ms. D'Arcy Rudnay
Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications
Comcast Corporation One
Comcast Center
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Mark Greenberg, President and CEO
1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036 epix email epix Face Book link Addicted to Jericho Face Book epix website

From Ratkeeper how to find a convention in your local area:

You can look at to see if there is a convention in an area at:

Always check to make sure the weblink to the convention is active, since these type of lists are not always updated. If there is no listing for the area you are looking at then do a Google search for "sci fi con, city X" and see if something pops up. A lot of the smaller cons don't get listed in these national search lists. If you are trying to get a table at a con, you contact the vendors/dealers/exhibitors staff and say that you want to run a fan table for Jericho. You will only be passing out information and that you are not selling anything. A lot of cons will let you have the table for free or a discounted rate and some will let you have free passes to the con.