Thursday, December 25, 2008

News from Carol Barbee

This message from Carol Barbee was read at the end of the Shaun Omac show 12/23/08.

Thank all the fans for their support. I hope they are enjoying the CW run of Jericho and assure them we're still working on a continued life of the series.

Happy Holidays to everybody.

Love Carol Barbee

Saturday, November 22, 2008

11/21/08 Interforum Announcements

Ranger Rally, Saturday November 22, 8 pm and 12 am E.T. at the UHD Forum

From K6FEJ:

Hi Rangers

A lot of exciting news and Jericho Buzz happening. I want to remind everyone that we have a Ranger Rally on the UHD board every Saturday to support the Live airing of Jericho on the Universal HD network.

This Saturday the episode is Fallout (1.02) and is one of my favorites. It airs at 8:00 pm and again at 12:00 am Eastern time.

Ranger Rally thread:

Universal HD Jericho forum:

If you don't have UHD you can use a DVD or watch on YouTube.

Even if you are not registered on the UHD board simply showing up as a guest counts as UHD is keeping a eye on the boards.

Let's support UHD and the airing of our Save Jericho Commercial!!

Save Jericho Again Ad on UHD

From Redsox1986:

What you have all been waiting for, the UHD TV Ad is finally going to air!

The run date was pushed back to December 1, 2008, which will launch the day after Jericho starts with Pilot on the CW.

I was able to secure 85 spots which will run in the time slot that Jericho runs in. Not all the spots will run during Jericho as we are trying to attract other viewers as well.

I was able to get ads on 7 days a week for 4 weeks through Christmas Weekend.

Thanks again to everyone who worked on this. Rubber Poultry, Nightshade and Welcome are to be congratulated for a job well done. Thanks to all the Rangers who helped get this done.

Flight dates: 12/1-12/28
Spot Length: 30
Budget: $2500
M-F 8a-7p $25/:30
15x:30 per week
60 spots total

$1500 total

S/S 7p-11p $40/:30w/o
12/1 - 5x:30w/o
12/8 - 7x:30w/o
12/15 - 5x:30w/o
12/22 - 5x:30
25 spots total


UHD 11/20 Brainstorming Session Highlights

From Jeanine123:

Here's what has been hammered out so far in the meeting last night.

Part 1: we need to continue to write to Bonnie Hammer, during the UHD TV ad run. And we need to keep a presence on the UHD Board.

Ms. Bonnie Hammer
President USA and Sci Fi Networks
NBC Universal Inc
30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York, New York 10112

Part 2: We need to mobilize every Ranger we can find and start to get the word out that Jericho is on CW at 7:00pm Eastern. We will be dealing with Football through January so we need to really get the word out.

This will include, flyers, bumper stickers, car and truck signs, posting to bulleting boards and places where people congregate. Jericho is back on CW network Sunday nights at 7:00pm.

We need someone to take control of the flyer/bumper sticker design and production

Part 3: Letters to Dawn at CW thanking her for putting Jericho back on the air.

Ms. Dawn Ostroff
The CW Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

Part 4: Watching Jericho each week live so we can get Nielsen numbers. We need to focus in on getting people in front of their sets each Sunday at 7:00pm.

Part 5: After watching each episode we need to send CW Feedback like never before. Also we light up the CW Board when it is in place.

CW Feedback Form

CBS Feedback Form

Part 6: Letters and cards go to Comcast

Ms. D'Arcy Rudnay
Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications
Comcast Corporation
One Comcast Center
Philadelphia, PA 19103

I'm also going to suggest writing letters to the editor for all the papers we can think of, especially small, local ones. And once there is a Jericho board up on The CW's site we hold viewing parties there on Sunday nights while the episode airs, hopefully if we constantly spike the board numbers at that time it'll make folks notice.

(Editor: Please also review the CW/UHD campaign notes from redsox1986 farther down the list.)

The CW Lounge

From Rangerette at Jerichonet2:

Hey everyone I just wanted to let everyone know that we are trying to get CW to add us a forum at the CW. Until they do we need everyone to go to CW and register and go to this thread and introduce yourself let CW know you are there and tell them Thank You for airing our Jericho on Sunday nights.

By no means am I asking anyone to stop posting at JNet (Editor: or any of the other fan run Jericho boards). JNet is my home and I will be here till MM or DC throws me from the premises kicking and screaming. But we do need to make our presence known immediately at CW and strongly. So post everywhere that you can think of not just Jericho sites either. Let people know that Jericho is going to be airing on Sunday nights on the CW and ask them to post at CW Lounge and let them know just how STRONG and PROUD the JERICHO RANGERS are!!!!!!!!!!

When I get the link to the new forum when it goes up I will post it here!!!! Thanks Rangers now let's go and celebrate!!!!!!!!!!! The battle is partially won!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Editor: the Jericho forum at CW is supposed to be ready by the pilot's premiere on November 30th.)

Jericho is back in the media; let's get digging Rangers!

From ratkeeper:

You can set up a free account with Digg by using this link:

Please help get Jericho noticed by digging the media articles!

Holidays in Jericho

From ratkeeper:

The theme of the December Edition of the Blackjack Fairgrounds Blog is "Holidays in Jericho " and will cover any of the winter holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, New Years Eve or Epiphany). We will gladly accept stories, art, games, interesting threads on a holiday theme. Submission deadline has been extended until November 28th.

Please send your submission to or

Operation Phoenix -- Jericho CW/UHD Campaign

From Redsox1986:

Operation Phoenix - Jericho Rises from the Ashes Campaign Outline

They are working on getting CW to get a Board up in time for the first show November 30, 2008-Pilot.

It is Shaun Daily's of TV Talk understanding that they are running all 29 episodes in a row. We have one more chance at this so lets give it our all.

Part 1: We need to continue to write to Bonnie Hammer, during the UHD TV ad run. And we need to keep a presence on the UHD Board.

Letters out en mass every Monday.

Ms. Bonnie Hammer
President USA and Sci Fi Networks
NBC Universal Inc.,
30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York, New York 10112

Part 2:

We need to go to IMDB as often as we can during the entire run of the show

Part 3:

We need to mobilize every Ranger we can find and start to get the word out that Jericho is on CW at 7:00pm Eastern. We will be dealing with Football through January so we need to really get the word out.

Face Book, My Space and Craig's List, we need every Ranger to hit this hard, lets start spreading the word.

We are also looking to include, flyers, bumper stickers, car and truck signs, posting to bulletin boards and places where people congregate. Jericho is back on CW network Sunday nights at 7:00pm. Dawn and others are looking to design posters and Cher is looking to do posters and Bumper stickers/T-Shirts. They could use some help.

Part 4:

Letters to Dawn at CW thanking her for putting Jericho back on the air.

Every Thursday we should send out letters and card together to Dawn at CW.

Ms. Dawn Ostroff
The CW Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

Part 5:

Watching Jericho each week live so we can get Nielsen numbers. We need to focus in on getting people in front of their sets each Sunday at 7:00pm.

Part 6:

After watching each episode we need to send CW Feedback like never before. Also we light up the CW Board when it is in place.

CW Feedback Form

Part 7:

Don't forget CBS and Nancy Tellem, they are still the owners of Jericho and they had to have something to do with the show being re-run on CW so letters/cards to her each Monday along with Bonnie Hammer.

Ms. Nancy Tellem
CBS Paramount Network Television
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604

CBS Feedback Form

Part 8:

Letters and cards go to Comcast, every Thursday with letters/cards to CW, they may still be a player in this.

Ms. D'Arcy Rudnay
Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications
Comcast Corporation
One Comcast Center

Saturday, October 18, 2008

10/18 Interforum Announcements

From Dbalcer1:


Rewatch news for October 21st We will watch Oversight episode four of season 2.
To join in the fun of group watching, join us at RFJ's chatroom. We open two windows one to watch the show from to chat. If you need help to get started come a little early and we can help you. You must register for the chat room even if you are already a member of RFJ. It is a fun experience.

CBS' description of the episode: Hawkins receives another call from his mysterious new contact, John Smith nues to know his every move, and who informs Hawkins that he is one day away from being caught by Major Beck.

Hey! Neilsen

From Hey! Nielsen: "Next week, Hey! Nielsen as you know it will wind down as we work on a new consumer site. We thank you for sharing your passionate opinions with us over the last year." If you want to voice one last opinion about Jericho go to:

From Maybei:

Halloween Party

Halloween Party! Friday, Oct 31st - 10 EST, 9 CST

Come join us for some spooky fun!

RFJ Chatroom

The RFJ Chatroom is always open and availible for chats. Please contact RFJ if you would like to schedule a special chat event.

From K6FEJ:

Operation Jericho is NUTS about NBC Universal.

A friendly show of appreciation to Universal HD for airing and supporting Jericho. Send in anything from a classy nut basket to the good ol' peanuts bulk order of choice. Add a personal message to your order. We don't need hundreds of pounds as it's the personal message with what you send that counts.

NBC Universal has it in their power to make a season three happen if they choose to do so. Upper management has also given the go ahead to help us in airing the save Jericho commercial.
Let's be positive and supportive of what NBC Universal has done for Jericho.

Here is a link for more information: are the confirmed addresses. West Coast use

Universal Media Studios
Katherine Pope
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

East Coast use
Bonnie Hammer President
NBC Universal
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

Ranger Rally on Saturday at Universal HD.

Every Saturday at 9:00 pm Eastern we have a Ranger Rally at the UHD board where we watch Jericho aired LIVE on Universal HD. Please join us at the Jericho forum at UHD:

Look for the Ranger Rally thread.

It's a great way to support UHD for airing Jericho and a lot of fun. If you don't have UHD yet you can watch along with fancast: can also put in your Jericho DVD and follow along.

Keep your eye out for some of the new Jericho commercials made by UHD to promote Jericho. Here's one they put on-line:

If the Jericho video doesn't start, then press the Jericho link to the right.

From Ratkeeper:

Blackjack Fairgrounds

The November Edition of Blackjack Fairgrounds is "Happenins' in the Fandom". Please let us know what is happening on your blog/board/forum or group. Deadline is October 25th. Please submit to or

The theme of the December Edition is "Holidays in Jericho" and will cover any of the winter holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, New Years Eve or Epiphany). Stories, art, games, interesting threads on a holiday theme. Submission Deadline is November 25th.

If you missed the October Edition, you can see it here:

From Myvibesmom/Theporchlady:

Ranger Roll Call

There is a Ranger Roll Call happening on the CBS board right now. The hope is that it would collect the type of data that could be forwarded to various of the people/networks who might be taking a look at Jericho.

The idea is to show each other and the networks that Jericho fans are widely spread and have a good representation. It wouldn't be characterized as fans coming only from the CBS board...only that it is a Ranger Tally from all across Jericho land.

Even if you might be hanging out elsewhere, would you consider just checking in here (by state) so we can try to get a great showing of Jericho Rangers. So far we have 26 states represented and 5 countries. Those numbers have been gathered in just one and a half days. Some states are tallying more people than others. Hmmm. :) So, if you might, would you please just weigh in as a Ranger? You wouldn't need to comment or converse...but your presence and your state would be SO appreciated!

If you would do so, here is the link:

Thank you so much!

From Ichthus:

Project Reinstatement

The members of the CBS board are making an effort to have two banned members reinstated. We invite all Rangers to join in this effort. You can learn more here:

Jericho "Watch & Chat" at has introduced a new feature called "Watch & Chat" where fans can watch an episode online and chat with each other simultaneously. Currently the only Jericho episode available with this feature is Patriots and Tyrants. You can join in here:

Your current CBS screen name and login will work with this feature.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Project Reinstatement

About two weeks ago several rangers were banned from posting on the CBS Board for posting information they felt we would be interested in. These postings did not violate the Terms of Service and were a source of encouragement for us. There was nothing warranting deletion. Two fans who were trying to post this information are now banned. Worse yet, two other fans that had nothing to do with this incident are banned, too. They are dawn_usa (she is currently able to post), dbalcer1, Cactusmary8 (added to list 10/18/08), jeanine123 (added to list 10/22/08), maybei (she is currently posting) and MYvibesmom. It is time to try and correct this injustice. It is time to reinstate them to the CBS Community.

At least one of these fans had tried to resolve this situation with CBS but had not heard back from them. My theory is that our individual complaints about the moderation of this board are passed on to this board’s moderator, who in my opinion is part of the problem. This happens because those who sort through the complaints are only looking for where they should direct the complaints. For instance, they see the words “moderation” and “Jericho”. They then forward the complaint without really reading it to the moderator of the Jericho message board. Now, I would doubt we would get much help from him on this. What we need to do is get our complaint to someone higher up but how?

I believe we need to get the attention of the “complaint sorter” and get him to actually read our complaint so that he will direct it to someone more appropriate. “How?” you might ask. Simply put we need each and every ranger to get involved in this. We need each and every ranger to make a coordinated effort to email and write to CBS at the same time. I feel that CBS would take noticed when they receive a large number of complaints at once. The “complaint sorter” will become curious as to what is going on and will read the complaints. Having read them he will then know to forward them to someone other than the moderator.

I propose that we coordinate the deliver of our complaints to CBS for this Monday, October 20th. We will direct our letters to:

CBS Sportsline
2200 West Cypress Creek RoadFort Lauderdale, FL 33309

We will send emails to:

If you wish you can call at this number:
954 351 2120

Please send out your letters so they will arrive on Monday. We will begin emailing this Friday after 8:00 PM EDT. This should ensure that the emails will pile up over the weekend. If you wish to make a phone call, please do so on Monday.
Our goal is the following:
Get our fellow fans reinstated to our community.
Urge that all reported violations are review for actually violations and not automatically deleted.
Urge for fair and impartial moderation of the Jericho message board.
Now, I will be honest and say we might not be successful with this but we due owe it to our fellow fans to make the effort to get them reinstated. Thank you for your cooperation in this manner.

UPDATE (10/15/08): dawn_usa and maybei are currently posting on the CBS Board.
UPDATE (10/18/08): Cactusmary8 has been added to the list of user we are reinstating.
UPDATE (10/22/08): jeanine123 has been added to the list of user we are reinstating.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Auction, Autographed Copy of The Stand

Up for auction is a hardbound edition of The Stand with autographs by Lennie James, Alicia Coppola, Brad Beyer, and Carol Barbee. This is the uncut edition with illustrations. For those who were not aware, Stephen King was a Jericho fan which makes this extra cool!Auction will run for 48 hours.

Bidders must register at Save Jericho Again here:

Auction is taking place here:

Help fund the national Save Jericho Again TV ad, while getting a one of a kind item in the process.

Item donated by a Jericho fan who wanted to remain anonymous.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Contingency Communication Plans

Gwen and I have put our heads together and think we can expand the Jericho Emergency Broadcast System (JEBS) to function as an interforum announcements system. *IF* the CBS Jericho board does go down, this system can be put in place.

Announcements that you would have posted on the CBS Jericho Board such as campaign information, forum/board announcements, contests, blog announcements, etc. can go out via JEBS.

I will collect announcements through these addresses and and send a digest of the announcements to Gwen at 10 pm eastern. She will then send this digest of information out to the JEB subscribers, by midnight pacific time. Subscribers who are forum admins can repost any applicable information to their own forum/board the next day.

Applicable announcements will also be published on the Jericho Townhall blog.

Announcements will have a 12-24 hour lag time, but with a bit of extra planning this shouldn't be a problem. Emergency announcements will still go out as they develop.

Any JEBS subscriber who wants to ONLY receive emergency information, would contact Gwen (gwen@az-technology) to be moved to a smaller emergency only list. Any forum/board administrator who is NOT a JEBS subscriber should contact Gwen.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

WINNERS ANNOUCED: Shelby's Great Giveaway

Congratulations to all of the winners!

To claim your prize:

Please email the name that you used when making your donation as well as your full name and mailing address. If you won a personalized autograph, please include the name in which the autograph is to be written. Please email your information to All autographs will take approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive.

**Please note that all prizes need to be claimed by Friday, August 15th, 2008 at 9pm est**

Please email with any questions.

Thanks to everyone for your donations to the DVDs for the Troops 2 Campaign!! NAMES NOTED IN RED ARE THOSE THAT HAVE SENT THE NECESSARY EMAIL

And the winners are:

A. MacDonald- Jazz Raycole

A. Robinson--April Parker-Personalized

Alex F.--April Parker--Personalized

Alyssa D--Brad Beyer-Personalized

Artzylady--April Parker-personalized

B. McFadyen -- April Parker-- Personalize

BestDamShow-- Brad Beyer-Personalized

Brigitte--Brad Beyer-Personalized

C. Herholtz--Brad Beyer--Personalized

C. Mason-D.B.Sweeney-Personalized

Channing M.--Loomer-Personalized

Cher352-- Loomer-Personalized

D. Shade -- D.B. Sweeney-- Personalized


David S.--Loomer-Personalized

Delana201--Candace Bailey

G. Anton-- Brad Beyer--Personalized

H. Locke--Loomer-Personalized

H. Weingarten-April Parker-Personalized

Ichtus--Chris Kramer

J. Demmon -- Brad Beyer -- Personalized

J. Lacerda--April Parker-Personalized

J. Lewek-- Candace Bailey

J. Pelzer--Candace Bailey

Jason S.--Brad Beyer-personalized

Jaylene R.-D.B. Sweeney-Personalized

Jenna T. -- D.B. Sweeney-- Personalized

Joseph C.--Kenneth Mitchell

Julian P-Brad Beyer-Personalized

K. Kanack -- Brad Beyer-Personalized

K. Lewek -- Brad Beyer--Personalized


K6FEJ-April Parker-personalized

Kdolten--Carol Barbee

Kristin S.--Candace Bailey

Kystorms -- D.B. Sweeney-- Personalized

L. Pendleton--April Parker-Personalized

M. Evans -- Loomer--Personalized

Mansoor A.-Dan Shotz

Matthew Z. -- Loomer-- Personalized

Melissa E in Ala.-- April Parker--Personalized

Monita S.-- Jazz Raycole

mpnice -- Chris Kramer

N .Bishop-Chris Kramer

N. Stephens--Brad Beyer-personalized

N2N2--Brad Beyer-Personalized

Nobodysbaby--Jazz Raycole

Olivia U--Brad Beyer-personalized

Onur B.--April Parker-Personalized

P. Hawk--D.B.Sweeney-Personalized

P. Roels-- April Parker--Personalized

PV544--Chris Kramer

Rachael H.-- Jazz Raycole


realityagent--April Parker-Personalized

RedSoxx--April Parker-personalized

Robert K.-April Parker-Personalized

Roxzi B.--Loomer-Personalized

S. Bergeron-D.B. Sweeney-Personalized

S. Degaitis-April Parker-Personalized

S. King-Chris Kramer

S. Phillips-Loomer-Personalized

S. Tomlinson-Brad Beyer-Personalized

Shannon-Lennie James

SusanGator -- Jazz Raycole

T. Thomas -- Loomer -- Personalized

trevaknows--Brad Beyer-Personalized

UseHerName-D.B. Sweeney-Personalized

Welcome2Cho--Candace Bailey

William T. -- Jennie Sword

Wyatt B.--D.B. Sweeney--Personalized

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Call to Arms all Rangers Needed!!

From: redsox19861 (CBS Board)
Date: 12:38 AM

To All fellow Rangers this is a call to arms. As we have all seen on the CBS Board the last 3 weeks many of our Leaders and Fellow Rangers have decided to leave the Baoard because of heated exchanges and out of frustration over things that have built up over time.

As a member of the Community I am asking that General Patton, Xwarp, Schumi, NorsU, K6, Rhy and the many other Rangers who have left the Board over unkind remarks, attacks or counter attacks please reconsider and come back. We have all come too far to let this community dissolve because of heated exchanges or hurt feelings. I know it is easier said then done

Please remember what brought you to this show, what drove you to get involved to the point where people put their trust and faith in you

Shumi and Xwarp and others were instrumental in leading the effort to Save Jericho after Season 1 and because they chose to get involved we all got involved to save Jericho. General Patton, came to the Boards and began to rally troops and lead the efforts to bring old Rangers and new Rangers to the Boards in late 2007 just prior to Season 2. I for one am grateful for his leadership on this and many other campaigns since as I came back to the Board because of his efforts.

In the short term we need to band together and we can push this home. But we are not going to do it without you as each one of you are leaders and your presence is needed now. I am also calling on all the other rangers, posters and lurkers out there. It is time to step up

I communicated with Rubber Poultry today. We have approximately $1200 after Ebay fees etc per PMary and Jeff from the autographed script sales several weeks back.. That in conjunction with the donations we already have should put us around $2,000. I am looking into advertising on UHD as well.

I have grown to trust RP and he still feels that the producers are committed to getting the show back on the air even if it means a movie first. But they can not do it alone they need us as much as we need them right now. The biggest and best trick that Carol and Dan have in their bag is the incredible fan support for the show

In the meantime the game plan is this. We are going to have 3 to 5 DVD’s of the Commercial and one additional script for auction on Ebay to raise funds. We are going to put up the Donation link on the CBS, UHD, SciFi and WIKI Boards as well as several international fan site boards for 8 Days. Once that is done we take what we raised and we run ads on Time Warner in LA, specifically in and around Hollywood

We are also planning to get the several DVD’s out into the mainline media such as Fox and CNN to see if they will run them ie on the 6:00pm and 10:00pm news casts

Also we have the letter drop that is schedule to go out tomorrow, Monday August 4, 2008 and again on Monday August 11, 2008. We have the re-watch This Tuesday on CBS and also the re-watch on Fancast and UHD scheduled for this coming weekend.

To everyone out there, we need all hands on deck. This is not about one person or one group, Right now it is about the entire community. We have a choice, we can let 2 years of hard work, new friendships and a historical Partnership between a show and its Fans die or we can chose to stand and fight.

I for one chose to stand and fight. I hope everyone out there that has left or is thinking about leaving decides to put things aside for now and give it one more try. We can win this. We just have to have faith in ourselves and try to find a common ground with those we have had battles with in the past.

The choice is simple we can either make History Again of be History.


Friday, August 1, 2008

AMC Addresses

From Ratkeeper at the CBS Board:

Hi Everyone,

PMary2 has alerted Junction Entertainment to this blog entry and they will check it out through official channels. I'm adding AMC to my letter writing list. For those who wish to write, here is the information:

American Movie Classics (AMC)
11 Penn Plaza
15th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Mr. Joel Stillerman, SVP Original Programming, Production & Digital Content
Ms. Christina Wayne, SVP Original Programming
Mr. Joshua Sapan, President/CEO


From MYvibesmom at the CBS board:

I am sure that it is posted here somewhere so sorry if this is reduntant but I just noticed cactusmary's comment on the blog which pointed to AMC's viewer service address:

AMC Viewer Services
200 Jericho Quadrangle
Jericho,NY 11753

Can you believe it?????????????????????????????

Is that too funny or WHAT!!! LOL

The official address was given elsewhere here...(this may just be where to write for complaints)...but I am going to write them as well because, well....with an address like THAT, who can go wrong? :-)

Jeritopia Closed

You can read and respond to Xwarp's post at the CBS board.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ranger Rally at UHD Boards

From Jeanine123 (CBS Board)

The mods on the Jericho boards at UHD have been giving us tips on what has worked in the past for the Browncoats to increase their board's traffic and get the admin at UHD to take notice. One of their weekly deals is to host a Shindig (or in our case a Ranger Rally). What they do is all gather when Firefly is airing on UHD and watch the show together while posting on the special Shindig thread that is started each week for the show. It's a good way to spike the board's activity for an hour or two at a set time on one day and make the powers that be notice that there is still interest in both the show airing on their network and in the messageboard.

I would like to start this up for Jericho this weekend and have our own Ranger Rally. This would be IN ADDITION TO the Great Jericho Re-Watch that dbalcer (Debby) started right after the show was done on CBS since having increased traffic here is still important. This Saturday night at 8 and 11PM Eastern Time Universal HD will be airing Jennings and Rall. If you have UHD please tune in, if you don't please watch along on your DVD, here at CBS, on Fancast or iTunes download or whatever you have available to you. It won't be quite as cool as chatting real time in Jeritopia during the Re-Watch is but I think it'll still be quite a bit of fun and a good way to show UHD that we appreciate that they're re-airing Season 2 and providing us with some pretty great messageboards.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tronto Comic Convention

From: lilblackbird
Date: Jul-22

Ladies and Gentlemen
The time is upon us for some guerrilla-style promotion.
On August 22, 2008, laramarie74 and I will be attending the Toronto Comic Convention.
This is ONE MONTH from today

We want YOU to be there too! Here’s what we’ve come up with
  • An information package (postcard size, double sided, professionally printed) 500 units.
  • Pre-addressed postcards to give away (printed at home, at our own expense)
  • Stamped postcards that we will keep and send on others behalf (postcard at our expense, stamps TBD
Here’s what we need from you:
  • Someone to accept the ‘stamped’ postcards and send them. Since postage is twice the price here, we’d love to have someone in the US to send the cards to in bulk and get them stamped and sent.
  • Bodies. We need people to come out to the event to support this effort. It’s close to Union Station (2 blocks), so transit is not a problem. We’ll be there in some ‘Jericho’ attire, shirts and/or Ranger Jackets.
  • Money! But not a lot. We want to get the info cards professionally printed and cut. This will cost about $150. We would also like to pay for the stamps to send the postcards, so no one is out any money. This amount is hard to determine at this point, but I doubt it would be more than $100. Total we would be looking at about $250 for this endeavour.

In the next little while, a place to donate some money to this will be in place.

Final details are being worked out now.

If you wish, you can PM me for more information.

Thank you all and I hope to see you there

Laramarie74 and Blackbird


We’ve decided that our postcards need a little zazz. So, we’re asking for your help. We would like to hold a small contest for a picture to be included on the postcards we will be sending out to CBS PARAMOUNT in support of Jericho.
Please note the prize for this contest is having the honour of your art on the postcards, which will be signed by people at the Fan Expo, and then sent to Paramount.
And, we might just buy you a drink…if you’re in Toronto.
The picture to be included will be a maximum of 3”x4”. It’s small, but it’s going on a 4x6 postcard, black and white. The art can be anything you choose that is Jericho related. It can be compilations, cartoons, caricatures … anything you want.
All images must be posted/submitted by August 10th, and voting will take place shortly thereafter. They will need to be sent to print by the 15th, so there is only a short window to vote. Please do NOT go on vacation that week! : )

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Jericho Nomination

Imagen Foundation

Best Supporting Actor

  • Danny Pino, Cold Case, CBS/Paramount Network Television
  • Esai Morales, Jericho, CBS/Paramount Network Television
  • Jorge Garcia, Lost, ABC, American Broadcasting Company
  • Shalim Ortiz, Heros, NBC
  • Tony Plana, Ugly Betty, ABC and Touchstone Television

Congratulations Esai!

Friday, July 18, 2008

NTN International Tribute Donations

From K6FEJ (CBS Board)

Our international Rangers have a wonderful campaign headed up by Rosma to honor General McAuliffe by placing a wreath at his statue. He is Mr "Nuts" that started all this! This is going to be a tribute to the great leader and the town of Bastogne.

To coincide with the main effort of the placing of the wreath by our international fandom NTN is going to do a symbolic shelling 200 to 400 pounds of a soon to be announced target in Florida to keep up the pressure on Nielsen's poor treatment of Oldsmar US workers and highlight their antiquated ratings.

We are currently working on a press release and contacting the media to highlight the International fandom efforts.

This is a very inexpensive campaign and if you would like to contribute here are the links.
For the wreath at General McAuliffe statue at Bastogne... Headed up by Rosma....

When you get to the site click the DONAR (Donate) button in the center of the page. That takes you to the PayPal site (not in english but easy to figure out) inter the amount of Euros you want to donate. Do not add a decimal point ( I had trouble figuring that one out ). A Euro is about about a $1.60.

NTN symbolic shelling in Florida.....

Just click on the SAVE JERICHO.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jericho's Emmy Nomination

Congrats to Jericho for 2008 Emmy Nomination!!
Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series
Jericho • Patriots And Tyrants • CBS • CBS Paramount Television
Andrew Orloff, Visual Effects Supervisor
Blythe Dalton, Visual Effects Producer
John Stirber, Special Effects Supervisor
Chris Jones, Compositing Supervisor
Michael Cliett, CGI Supervisor
Lane Jolly, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Johnathan R. Banta, Lead Matte Artist
Josh Hooker, Lead CGI Artist

Congratulations to the visual effects team and the producers for this well deserved Emmy nomination.

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Matter of Pride - The Hall of Fame

As you know there are several fans that have been voting for Jericho on Rich Labonte's TVVote. What you may not know is that TV Vote poll will close when the total votes cast equals 10,000,000. There are about 800,000 votes left before the poll closes. Before that happens the Voting Rangers would like to get Jericho into the Hall of Fame. Jericho is less than 15,000 votes from the Hall of Fame. The Voting Rangers are asking for your help to make this happen. You can vote once every hour everyday. Please help out by at least voting once per day. Thank You for your support.

Voting Link:

Update from Flowerlady (7/13/08):

  • Hall of Fame: 250,000
  • Votes so far: 242,634
  • Votes Needed: 7,366
  • Jericho has a gain of 597 votes.

Update (7/12/08):

  • Hall of Fame: 250,000
  • Votes so far: 242,037
  • Votes Needed: 7,963
  • Jericho has a gain of 668 votes.

Update (7/11/08):

  • Hall of Fame: 250,000
  • Votes so far: 241,369
  • Votes Needed: 8,631
  • Jericho has a gain of 1,421 votes

Update (7/9/08)

  • Hall of Fame: 250,000
  • Votes so far: 239,948
  • Votes Needed: 10,052
  • Jericho has a gain of 699 votes

Update (7/8/08):

  • Hall of Fame: 250,000
  • Votes so far: 239,249
  • Votes Needed: 10,751
  • Jericho has a gain of 687 votes

Update (7/7/08):

  • Hall of Fame: 250,000
  • Votes so far: 238,562
  • Votes Needed: 11,438
  • Jericho has a gain of 2,432 votes

Update from Flowerlady (7/3/08):

  • Hall of Fame: 250,000
  • Votes so far: 236,130
  • Votes Needed: 13,870
  • Jericho has a gain of 748 votes

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Campaign Idea From Clutz12001 (CBS Board)

As the CBS boards are down, I cannot seem to offer this small item on the board! I also cannot use Sci-Fi board, as they claim my email address is an "error" but they won't let me delete and retry it.

Anyway, I stopped by my local grocery's Redbox do-it-yourself DVD vending machine. They had no Jericho. So I emailed them at to request that they carry Jericho Season 2. They were very polite in their reply, and said to check back as they change titles regularly.

I thought maybe if the get lots and lots of emails, Redbox will start supplying Jericho , which will help us with DVD sales?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This Idea Is Da Bomb...

Google Bomb that is!

One of the things we need to start doing is reaching out to fans and potential fans that do not visit our humble abode here at CBS. Since they aren’t coming to us we must beckon them to come. A Google Bomb could be our answer. This was an idea suggested by BoonDoggie at and proposed by Terocious in a thread a few weeks ago. The idea is to embed a search term with a weblink to Jericho. We then post the search term everywhere and as often as we can. When the term is searched, up comes the weblink to Jericho (preferably in the number one spot).

The search term we will begin with is “compelling drama” and we will link it to the Jericho homepage here: I am sure that there are a few who are asking “Huh? How do I embed a link?” No worries, it’s easy.

  1. Begin by typing the words “compelling drama” in your post or blog.
  2. Highlight the words “compelling drama”.
  3. At the top of the message window is a tool bar. Look for a button with a picture of a globe and chain links on it. Click on it.
  4. Type or paste in
  5. Click “OK”.

You have just embedded a link. Now everyone go out and have fun posting this link. Be imaginative and creative but be careful to post only where it is allowed. We don’t want anyone to get in trouble over this. If we are successful in accomplishing this we have some others terms and links we can use.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Termination for Cause" Autographed Script Auction

UPDATE: This auction is over

Never let it be said that moss grows under a Jericho Ranger’s feet! Now that the 10-day run of our Save Jericho Again TV ads have wrapped up, and many other campaigns, such the Variety ad, billboard, several great humanitarian efforts, balloons and cake, and various nutty endeavors, have reached a conclusion, we’ve got to keep the momentum going. We’ve made some noise, and we’re being noticed, but our work is not over yet.

That’s why we’re moving into Round 2 of the TV ad campaign. Thanks to a very generous offer by PMary and Jeff Knoll to help us make some quick bucks and purchase more air time, we are offering for auction eight Jericho scripts from Season 2’s “Termination for Cause,” personally signed by that episode’s central players Brad Beyer and D.B. Sweeney.

PMary and Jeff successfully auctioned off other Jericho items through eBay to fund the Variety and billboard campaigns, and they are graciously doing the same to help fund us more ads and get more eyes on Rubberpoultry’s fantastic Save Jericho Again commercial. We won’t be able to purchase as large a media schedule as before, but based on what we bring in through the eBay auction, we can certainly seek additional targeted airtime and supplement our continuing letter- and postcard-writing campaigns.

So, if you want to own a script that showcased “Stanley” and “Goetz” in some of the finest and most moving TV I’ve seen in yours, visit the Save Jericho Again website for more details. At the same time, you’ll be contributing to Save Jericho Again. Time is limited, and we have only a couple of days to get the word out and seek the best price on these valuable scripts bearing the John Hancock of Brad, our fabulous commercial voice-over guy!

We’ve also installed a Donate link for anyone else who may want to contribute to this second run of the commercial.

Our heartfelt thanks to PMary and Jeff for this generous donation and great idea! Our heartfelt thanks also to all of you who have contributed or supported the TV ad and other efforts in various ways. It’s great to see all efforts coming together to Save Jericho Again!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spread the Nutty Love Campaign


Two ways to contribute!
Direct donations of peanut butter or an auction item on Ebay


After their successful campaign to raise money for tornado damaged Greensburg, Kansas, the Jericho fans are launching their next charity based endeavor.
Jericho Ranger Chigal76 has proposed an idea to help feed the hungry people of Kansas, but we need your help!
We are on a mission to fill the warehouse of the Kansas Food Bank, (associated with America's Second Harvest) with PEANUT BUTTER!
This is more than NUTS, this is helping real people with real problems.


You can order peanut butter directly through our Jericho Peanut Butter wishlist at
All orders will be sent to The Kansas Food Bank Central DistributionFacility.

The Jericho Peanut Butter for Kansas Food Bank Wish List:
Amazon - Jericho Peanut Butter

Include at check out to receive 25% off your order.
Valid until JUNE 30th

We appreciate all of the help and say thank you in advance!
Let's show our town spirit and come together to help our neighbors.
If every Jericho Ranger sends at least one jar, we will make a huge impact!

Amazon - Jericho Peanut Butter

Charity Auction to Benefit the Jericho Food Bank Drive!
Postcards from Oakley, Kansas (site of the 2008 Jerichon Convention).
Signed and auctioned with permission by Jericho Producer/Writer MattFederman and On-Set Dresser Mike Loomer.
Hand stamped/canceled from Oakley,KS Post Office.


For more information on the campaign Spreading the Nutty Love, Kansas Food Bank Drive,
Please visit the following links:
Visit our Website
Jericho Revolution

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ballons and Cake for Nancy Campaign

(Update: this campaign is completed)

From slking12:

Jericho Rangers have purchased full page ads, sent nuts, erected a billboard, bought Jericho season 2 DVDs for the troops, and have funded commercials which will begin very soon. All these things were done to fight for season 3 of our show. We want to continue making noise and several of us have talked about sending balloons to Nancy Tellem to keep her attention.

Depending on how much we raise, we want to order balloons from I hope to get a picture of what they will look like by tomorrow so I can post it. I've ordered from these folks before and their work is attention grabbing to say the least.

In the meantime if you want to get an idea of what they offer, go to their website, click on bouquets, then click on birthday. It's a pop up menu and you can look at each page to see different balloons. I've sent the riot balloon bouquet before and it's huge. The owner said she would come up with something to knock their socks off and they'll take a picture of it being delivered.

From rhysewf:

Ok, this is what I have been working on and I need to know right away if all of you want it because it needs to be set in motion now!

This is a sample cake, they can make us a cake

The cake would be 16 by 12, on the cake, right upper corner, billboard pic

Left upper corner dvd for the troops pic

Lower left corner Tv with the words tv ad inside

Lower right. Big peanut standing up\ lower left, clm`s squirrel standing up in 3d holding the dont tread on me flag.

On the front of the cake it will say lets make history

This cake can be delivered to the ballon vendor and they will deliver the bouquet of balloons to Nancy and staff

The balloon vendo will take a picture of the delivery.

The cake will be 590 including delivery the ballons will be 175 including the delivery which means we need to collect 765 soon, R U in or out, need to know by tonite as cake needs to be started for thursday delivery

If you want to contribute, here's the link:

06/08 Priority Digg - Jericho Season Two Alternate Ending

From Terocious:

Digg Deep Jericho fans this is the real deal!

Friday, June 6, 2008

New E-Bay Jericho Items Auction

(Update: this auction is completed)

PMary and AlasJericho are at it again. This time they are trying to raise a few bucks to create a press kit and a secure a substantial quantity of nuts to try and bring some attention to our fantastic billboard! More details on this initiative will be posted soon, but have a look at our e-Bay auctions and consider bidding early and often to help us raise the money for this phase of the Sell Jericho initiative!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Radio Dedication Campaign

Our Mission:
Call up your local or national radio station that takes dedications, within your reach, and dedicate any of the following songs to the people at the Save Jericho, Save Moonlight TV Show Campaign. (Or; dedicate it to the ‘Moonrangers of Jericho and Moonlight’)

“Calling You” by Blue October (Moonlight)
“World” by Five For Fighting (Jericho)
“Into the Ocean” by Blue October (Moonlight)
“Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom” by The Hives (Jericho)

These songs are all still current on the Rock and Adult Contemporary charts, are trackable using Billboard, and were all featured within or associated with our shows.

This idea originally came towards the end of the Save Jericho Campaign, and was resurrected once again for the Watch Jericho Campaign and with the help of some fellow fans, has been retooled for this new purpose. This particular effort can continue on long after the shows are potentially renewed. It’s that widestretching.

Formerly called the Nothing Compares 2 U Song Dedication Campaign, (but because the song and the artist have a tendency of causing violent reactions in people...(the History Starts Now Song Campaign is designed to promote Jericho (and now Moonlight) in a fast, inexpensive easy way that everybody participate in, nationally and Internationally. It launched originally with successful results while trying to get Jericho back, but was cut short by the announcement of its return. It also ran during the days previous to the first airings, and during the Watch Jericho Campaign, all with moderate results. Many of the people who are potential watchers of both shows, are not internet savvy, or may not want to get involved in the online race. Many don’t even know the shows are cancelled. This is a chance to reach out to them. You may not listen to radio, but they do.

We cut down on the number of songs from previous, and added in the commonly tracked ones from Moonlight. This may not directly and immediately promote our sites, but it gets curiosity piqued, and eventually will lead to further investigation on the end of the DJ’s. In addition, this full on hit will include extensions to talk radio, which can potentially lead to media attention. These songs are also tracked by Billboard. If enough dedications and airplay is increased for these songs, that too, will be noticed by the media.

We here at JNet pride ourselves on the fact that we try to be a full service board for all of you whether you are a member or not. We have always had this mysterious list of Radio Stations by State. This is what it has always been meant for. You can call (and in some cases, email) in to your radio station and request it. If they take requests, they will put it on the air. If they get a lot of requests they are going to get curious.

We also provide a list of Satellite Radio Stations. These are also monitored by Billboard, and their own airplay monitors. Anybody can call in or email to request for these stations, including International fans. You don’t have to subscribe. They will still play it.

You can also download these songs and get others to download it from or iTunes. You may have to compete with David Cook of American Idol right about now, but we are loud, we are strong, we can do it. That too, is monitored, just not as easily associative. But they have commentary areas that you can drop a line in for.

Keep calling or emailing these requests in, every other hour, every five hours, every day, whichever you can do. Get others to join in within your state, or in states within the broadcasting area of those local stations, and most definitely on the National Radio Stations. Make sure you include the dedication to Jericho or Moonlight, however you decide to phrase it, make sure you get it in there.

Be prepared, however, that this may lead to a DJ requesting to talk to you on air. Make sure that you have your information about the Jericho and Moonlight Save campaigns at the ready when and if you go on air. The idea here is to spread information about the campaign by getting curiosity up at first about the dedications, and then by getting DJ's to take an interest. Keep with the facts, don't go off of emotions.

Keep this up as long as you can, or at least until you can get somebody on air at that radio station to promote saving Jericho and Moonlight. Many local stations will have many of these songs in their playlist. Sirius and XM radio stations also have the ability to call in and make dedications. Get others in on this as well; the more people making these strange dedications will only serve to get more curiosity up. This can all be tracked by Billboard, and we will try to get those numbers up if we can to track any potential progress. This is one more thing we can do to take our shows’ future into our own hands.

See Jerichonet2 for further details.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nuts to Nielsen University Announcement

Nuts To Nielsen University
Are proud to announce the graduation of their Jericho Ranger Peanuts
Sunday, June 8, 2008
At 2:00 p.m.
Commencement will be held at
All points Jericho Internet
777 Merry Meeting Way
Jericho, Kansas

A reception in Ranger's honor will be held
Los Angelas Times
202 W. 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Please RSVP here

Friday, May 30, 2008

TV Ad Script by RubberPoultry

In September of 2006, 23 US cities were leveled by nuclear attacks.

A small midwestern town became the central battleground for a new kind of drama.

and then... Jericho was cancelled.

Fans revolted and the network responded with an abbreviated second season.

9 months of silence, a crippling writer's strike and a new time slot resulted in a second cancellation.

Now, Jericho fans fight for quality programming once more.

We need your help saving Jericho again.


(paid for and created entirely by fans of Jericho)

(fine print)
The Jericho fans responsible for this spot are not in any way affiliated with CBS/Paramount, Junction Entertainment and/or CBS Television, the production companies that make Jericho.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

CBS Board Deletion Hours

After several observation the deletions that have been plaguing the CBS Boards appears to occur between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM PT. We recommend that any posting of campaign information on the CBS Boards not occur during these hours.

IMDb Campaign

Much thanks to Pennie Ronning for bringing this back to our attention.
The leading website used by ALL film and television people is IMDb (Internet Movie Database). For those of us with a professional subscription, we have access to a significant amount of information available on this website. One of the pieces of information is called a MOVIEmeter. This meter ranks the order in which television shows AND movies legitimately credited within the industry are "searched for" on IMDb. Last week Jericho was ranked at 84. Today, Jericho is ranks at 231. The highest it has ever ranked is 42 which was the week of Sept. 24, 2006. The highest ranked television show currently is House and that comes in at #46 with Heroes not too far behind. Right now, #1 is the movie 21.

STARmeters on IMDb rank people. Johnny Depp is currently #1. The highest Skeet Ulrich has risen is to #62 - again, the same week of Sept. 24, 2006. He is currently ranked as #951. Last week he was in the 700's.

Basic information is available for free on IMDb and the ranking system includes all of the searches conducted from the free search bar site also.

Here is the link:

Everyone needs to be typing Jericho into the search bar and then clicking enter. And doing this repeatedly! Every day! I also suggest doing this for as many of the cast as everyone can.

Keeping the popularity high on the Internet for Jericho and all associated with the show is very important right now.

Getting Jericho (and any of the cast) to the #1 slot and keeping it/them there for as long as we can would be very beneficial toward PR. Again, IMDb is THE MOST used site by everyone in the entertainment industry -- the media pays attention to it also.

From Gigi (KW223) at the CBS Boards:

I think I have come up with an easy way to vote on IMDb. I've been doing it this way. Here goes:
Voting for Jericho Episodes:
1. Search for Jericho. Click on Jericho.
2. Under the Overview section on the left, click "episode list".
3. Click on each episode, then under the picture on the left, click on "add to My Movies".
4. Now go to "My Movies" on the navigation bar at the top. It will bring up all your Jericho episodes. (Mine brings up 4 pages).
5. Start on the first page. Scroll down and at the bottom of the "Vote" column, click on "Make Ballot".
6. Rate each of the episodes (drop down menu) then at the bottom of the column, click on "Cast Votes".
7. You'll get a message page telling you the votes have been counted.
8. Go back to My Movies and continue on to the second page on your list and follow the steps again.
It really is easier than having to vote for each episode individually. Hope this helps everyone!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NTN Friendly Shelling Time... West Coast! (Billboard)

It's friendly shelling time!
Order up here
Tentative target is LA Times.
Possible other targets to follow.
We go in very friendly just like Variety.
The goal is to bring media attention to the billboard and all our other campaigns.
Currently we have 217 pounds of Elite Ranger nuts waiting to do their duty.
Let's Load up! Time to make some noise!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Billboard Mobile Station & 7-11 Addresses

From Cher352

11007 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

Studio City Mobile
11001 Ventura Blvd.,
Studio City, CA 91604.

I am going to drop a postcard to the Mobile Station address just to get them pumped up. Figured if they got lots of mail we could get them talking about to their customers.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Great Jericho Rewatch

The Great Jericho ReWatch (Editor: this began on April 1, 2008)

10 EST, 9 CST Tuesday Nights
The Big Green's Couch in Jeritopia

Come chat and watch online!!

We will start with Season 1, pilot

That way we show CBS we are still here watching and not watching what they air and not defecting to another network. We can discuss it as it plays on our computers.

It will be a blast. Also after we watch come back to CBS and post on the episode thread. Let's show Paramount we are still interested in our show.
Debby from SC

Saving Jericho - Be a Fan

This isn’t so much about a new or existing campaign but a practical way to ensure a future for Jericho. We can write all the letters we want or spend all the money we want on billboards, ads and nuts but it will not mean anything if we do not have one essential commodity, fans or more to the point a vibrant growing fan base. It is fans that can make or break a show, fans who tune in to watch, fans who purchase merchandise (DVD’s, memorabilia), fans who can rescue a show from cancellation (Friday Night Lights) or fans who can bring a show back from the dead (Jericho). Without fans nothing can be accomplished. Therefore it is important that fans should not be neglected but nurtured. How do we do this? How do we develop a vibrant, growing fan base? Let me tell you a few ways we can do this.

Discuss, discuss, discuss! Really, we’re fans this is what we’re suppose to do. We need to discuss the past episodes, the future episodes and Jericho in general. We can speculate on season three. We can discuss what we would like to see in future episodes. We can talk about how the characters developed and where we think they are headed. We should discuss Jericho with each other, with our friends and with our neighbors. We should discuss on message boards, at the water cooler, on our patios and in our neighborhood watering hole. Wherever fans meet we should discuss. We need to revive the Episodes, Mythology, The Residents of Jericho and Season 2 Burning Questions folders.

Reach out to other fans. I know this may be a shock to you but not all fans come to the CBS board or the other message boards. How many of you would never be here if Jericho had not been canceled last May? There are many more fans out there that we need to connect with and keep up to date with what is going on. These fans will not come to us. We need to go to them. Yes, this means we must venture out from these boards and find them. While this can be scary, it can be so rewarding. How many of you who were involved with the Tom Tooman game met up with the Unfiction folks? Did you regret it? Did you come across some Jericho fans you never met before? While maintaining traffic on the CBS board is important it should not be to the exclusion of everything else including meeting up with other fans.

Recruit new fans. The only way we will grow is by recruiting new fans. I know; I know “how can we recruit new fans if there are no new episodes being made?” It didn’t stop Star Trek fans. The reason there were four series and six movies for 18 years was a growing a fan base. Before that they only had 79 episodes and four movies to build on. We have 29 episodes of a great epic story. Just because it is unfinished doesn’t make it any less compelling. An ever increasing fan base can spark a revival, if not now then in the future.

Participate in fan activities. I already covered discussing Jericho but there are other activities we can do together. Right now we have The Great Jericho Rewatch, The Fancast Marathon and the upcoming Jerichon. We, also have various chatrooms, some with special events. All these things help bond us together and forge new friendships.

Build each other up not tear each other down. When I came to the CBS boards I was a timid, shy person spending most of my time lurking. If it wasn’t for some encouraging words, a “good post” on those occasions that I did post, I would not be writing this. We are a large group and we all will not “see eye to eye” but we can “agree to disagree” and not let a disagreement escalate to an all out brawl. Nothing is sadder than to see a fan retreat to lurking because someone could not disagree civilly. We should be encouraging each other to state our opinions in a respectful manner and openly debate them civilly. We should not accept boorish behavior nor should we return in like kind but set the example for all to follow.

These are just a few things that we can do to build a bright future for Jericho. If we don’t grow and maintain this community than all our efforts to save Jericho will be for naught. Let not this community whither because we are too busy campaigning and we forget to be fans. Let’s build this community up to what it should be.

DVDs for the Troops 2

With the support of the Staten Island Project Homefront (SIPH),, JerichoNet2 and Jericho4Kids launch DVDs for the Troops 2 Campaign.This is really exciting and something everyone can participate in to support troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. As you recall, the first DVDs for the Troops effort was a huge success. Over $3,500 was donated for the purchase 100 Jericho Season 1 DVD sets that were shipped through the SIPH to various troop units in Iraq and Afghanistan.JerichoNet2 organized a deal with and the SIPH for this specific effort. All donations or DVD purchases will be made through However, there are specific instructions due to donations being “pooled” that MUST be followed. “Pooled” donations will be used to buy DVD sets on June 17th and then shipped to SIPH. Direct DVD purchases will be shipped to the SIPH on the release date. To find out how to donate, please visit or Jericho4kids is working up something very special in support of this effort. Visit to learn more. To read blogs/articles about this effort, visit


Donations for Season 2 have been arranged through's *WISH LIST* program. All donations will be pooled and remain at Amazon and on the DVD release date of June 17th, all funds will be used to purchase DVD's and will be shipped directly to the Staten Island Project Homefront.

You can see Jericho Rangers For Our Troops's entire Wish List at:

There are two items on the wish list offering you two options for contributing:
1) Purchase a Season 2 DVD outright for $24.99.
2) Contribute to a pooled amount via donating a Gift Card in any denomination from $5 up.

Note: When choosing the Gift Card option, please use the "email gift Card" option. Here are some further instructions for a fill in form that will appear at check out:

Completing Your Gift Certificate/Card Order is Easy

1. Choose an amount between $5 and $5,000.
Amount: $10 (Specify the amount in both dollars and cents, or just in dollars.)
Quantity: 1

2. Enter "To" and "From" as you'd like them to appear on the gift certificate/card. (Optional)
To: (This can be left blank)
From: (Your screen name here)

3. What is the recipient's e-mail address?
Confirm e-mail:

4. Would you like to include a message for the recipient? (Optional)
Message: (Maximum length 300 characters -- about 30 to 40 words) Please use this space to send a message to the troops that will be receiving these DVD's.SIPH will make sure all well wishes and notes of thanks are shipped with the DVD's.

On checkout, shipping address will default to the Staten Island Project Homefront.

Thank you in advance for supporting this worthwhile project.We ask that you DO NOT donate above your means. If you would prefer to just send a note to our troops, please post here or email it to All notes will be included with the shipment to the troops. Thank you.

Additional links and information for and about this effort.

View the Pentagon's Channel coverage of the very successful Season 1 DVD's for Troops Effort

View information about the Staten Island Project Homefront

Note: If you have a loved one serving, we can arrange for them to not only be included in who receives one of the DVD's, but can be added to the frequent shipments of care packages offered and shipped by the SIPH. Please email or post here for more information.

History Starts Now: TV Commercial

(Update: Fundraising goal has been met. No further donations are needed at this time.)


Attention all Jericho fans still committed to making our presence known! We have been presented with an incredible opportunity to have the entertainment industry hear us in a big way. It’s our chance to show our continued commitment to Jericho – AND demonstrate that while we love our show, we also love and honor our troops! How? This is where it gets exciting! What do you think about nearly 300 TV ads created by our own Rubber Poultry and airing at strategic times on strategic channels such as the Sci-Fi, History, Discovery, TNT, and ESPN channels (including the NBA playoffs)? This would be in full-out effort to kick our DVDs for the Troops campaign into high gear, as well as create and/or maintain awareness of Jericho fans’ efforts in and around the Hollywood industry area where a decision about the resurrection of Jericho would most likely originate.

Under a proposal presented to us from Time-Warner in LA we are looking at a 10-day scheduled run in zones around Hollywood, Orange County, and the East San Fernando Valley.

Stay tuned…..and start digging out all that loose change (and large denomination bills) in your sofas and under your car seats!!

GOAL: $6,500
We are at $3,250

Amount needed $3,250

ETA donation link. This will take you to the Jericho Rangers 4 Our Troops website. In the upper left hand corner is a button labeled TV Commercial Campaign, click on that and it'll take you to the Pay Pal account.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jericho Campaign Addresses

Nancy Tellem
CBS-Paramount Network Television
4024 Radford Ave
Studio City, CA 91604

David Stapf
CBS-Paramount Network Television
4024 Radford Ave
Studio City, CA 91604

D'Arcy RudnaySenior VP of Corporate Communications
Comcast Corporation
One Comcast Center
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Dave Howe President,
SCI FI Channel
21st Floor
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

Dawn Ostroff President of Entertainment
The CW Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

Mr. Ben Silverman
NBC Entertainment
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

Jeff Zucker, President & CEO
NBC Universal, Inc.,
30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York, New York 10112

USA Networks
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

1010 Techwood Drive
Atlanta, GA 30318

Kevin Reilly
Fox Broadcasting Co.
10201 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Update (5/23/08)

Ms. Carol Barbee, Executive Producer
C/O Jericho CBS/Paramount
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604

Keith Samples President of Television
Media Rights Capital
1800 Century Park East
Los Angeles, CA 90067

David Kenin, Vice President Programming
Crown Media Holdings, Inc. (Hallmark Channel)
6430 S. Fiddlers Green Circle
Suite 500
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

(Update 5/26/08)

Dawn Ostroff (alternate address)
President of Entertainment
3300 W. Olive Ave., Third floor
Burbank, CA 91505.

Jeff Zucker, President & CEO
NBC Universal, Inc.,
30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York, New York 10112

Ben Silverman (alternate address)
Co-chairman of NBC Entertainment
3000 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91523.

Amy Zelvin
NBC Universal Digital Media Communications
Universal’s 2008-09 Programming
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

(Update 5/27/08)

Mr. Chase Carey, President and CEO
DirecTV, Inc.
2230 E. Imperial Hwy.
El Segundo, CA 90245