Thursday, May 29, 2008

IMDb Campaign

Much thanks to Pennie Ronning for bringing this back to our attention.
The leading website used by ALL film and television people is IMDb (Internet Movie Database). For those of us with a professional subscription, we have access to a significant amount of information available on this website. One of the pieces of information is called a MOVIEmeter. This meter ranks the order in which television shows AND movies legitimately credited within the industry are "searched for" on IMDb. Last week Jericho was ranked at 84. Today, Jericho is ranks at 231. The highest it has ever ranked is 42 which was the week of Sept. 24, 2006. The highest ranked television show currently is House and that comes in at #46 with Heroes not too far behind. Right now, #1 is the movie 21.

STARmeters on IMDb rank people. Johnny Depp is currently #1. The highest Skeet Ulrich has risen is to #62 - again, the same week of Sept. 24, 2006. He is currently ranked as #951. Last week he was in the 700's.

Basic information is available for free on IMDb and the ranking system includes all of the searches conducted from the free search bar site also.

Here is the link:

Everyone needs to be typing Jericho into the search bar and then clicking enter. And doing this repeatedly! Every day! I also suggest doing this for as many of the cast as everyone can.

Keeping the popularity high on the Internet for Jericho and all associated with the show is very important right now.

Getting Jericho (and any of the cast) to the #1 slot and keeping it/them there for as long as we can would be very beneficial toward PR. Again, IMDb is THE MOST used site by everyone in the entertainment industry -- the media pays attention to it also.

From Gigi (KW223) at the CBS Boards:

I think I have come up with an easy way to vote on IMDb. I've been doing it this way. Here goes:
Voting for Jericho Episodes:
1. Search for Jericho. Click on Jericho.
2. Under the Overview section on the left, click "episode list".
3. Click on each episode, then under the picture on the left, click on "add to My Movies".
4. Now go to "My Movies" on the navigation bar at the top. It will bring up all your Jericho episodes. (Mine brings up 4 pages).
5. Start on the first page. Scroll down and at the bottom of the "Vote" column, click on "Make Ballot".
6. Rate each of the episodes (drop down menu) then at the bottom of the column, click on "Cast Votes".
7. You'll get a message page telling you the votes have been counted.
8. Go back to My Movies and continue on to the second page on your list and follow the steps again.
It really is easier than having to vote for each episode individually. Hope this helps everyone!

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