Monday, November 22, 2010

The Jericho Comic Returns

JERICHO Returns!
Friday, Nov 19th, 2010
IDW and CBS Consumer Products to Continue Comic Book Series of TV's Cult Classic

IDW Publishing and CBS Consumer Products are continuing the comic book series based on the cult favorite television show that the fans would not let die - JERICHO! Continuing directly from the finale of CBS's post-apocalyptic drama, IDW will offer the complete JERICHO comic series from the original creative team behind the TV show. Debuting in 2006, CBS's Jericho aired for two seasons, following residents of a fictional, post-apocalyptic town.

"The creators and producers of Jericho are so excited about working with IDW to continue the comic book series," said executive producer of Jericho, Dan Shotz. "Jericho thrives because of the fans that fight for this story on a consistent basis. We have to thank the fans because they are the reason Jericho is here to stay."

Kicking off in February 2011, IDW will release both JERICHO #4 and JERICHO REDUX. The specially priced REDUX edition will collect the first three issues of the series and prep readers for the continuation with issues #4 through #6. IDW's JERICHO comics will stay true to the original series, offering fans the story they have been waiting for.

JERICHO #4 Penned by the show's writers and producers, Dan Shotz, Robert Levine and Jason M. Burns, JERICHO REDUX is the perfect way for fans to start getting more of the series they love.

"We're very excited to be part of this universe," said IDW Chief Operating Officer, Greg Goldstein. "Jericho is a powerful story with a very active fan base, and we're happy to be able to continue this adventure with them."

The saga continues in February with JERICHO #4, and the series continues monthly in March and April. Beginning with issue #4, the series will be written by Matthew Federman, with artist Matt Merhoff, and Scott West, who will provide covers.

Based on the unique history of the JERICHO comics, IDW and CBS Consumer Products will work diligently to make sure that subscriptions to the original series are fulfilled.

JERICHO REDUX ($7.99, 72 pages, full color) will be available in stores in February 2011. Diamond order code DEC10 0373.

JERICHO #4 ($3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in stores in February 2011. Diamond order code DEC10 0371.

Original Press Release (with cover photos):

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Message from Dan Shotz to the Fans of Jericho

From Dan Shotz, Executive Producer of Jericho:

I am happy to share some great news! We have found a new home for the Jericho Comic Book Series. CBS Consumer Products, who is responsible for licensing Jericho, is very close to completing a new deal to continue publication of the Comic Book Series. We are very excited about these upcoming plans. Details to follow soon.

Dan Shotz called me this morning (10/15) to let me know the above official statement would be released. He let me know that the new publisher and CBS Consumer Products were in talks at the New York Comic Con and that an official press release would be out soon.

I got the feeling that the new publisher is more established publisher and Dan told me the fans would be pleased with the choice.

Issue #4 is ready to go as soon as the new publisher can get it listed in Diamond's catalog. Issue #5 is getting the finishing touches and issue #6 is being worked on. The new publisher will be republishing issues 1-3 as a booklet, so that their established audience can purchase the first three issues.

The Jericho comic is alive!

Gwen (Ratkeeper)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Issue #4 Release Date Rumor

A source posted this tip on the Jericho comic forum:

"Word on the grape vine is issue 4 is coming to our shelves in september, with exact dates not released but could be 7/8th. i will keep all posted on developments."

Signed by JEBBS.

As of press time, this rumor had not been confirmed.

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