Friday, October 15, 2010

A Message from Dan Shotz to the Fans of Jericho

From Dan Shotz, Executive Producer of Jericho:

I am happy to share some great news! We have found a new home for the Jericho Comic Book Series. CBS Consumer Products, who is responsible for licensing Jericho, is very close to completing a new deal to continue publication of the Comic Book Series. We are very excited about these upcoming plans. Details to follow soon.

Dan Shotz called me this morning (10/15) to let me know the above official statement would be released. He let me know that the new publisher and CBS Consumer Products were in talks at the New York Comic Con and that an official press release would be out soon.

I got the feeling that the new publisher is more established publisher and Dan told me the fans would be pleased with the choice.

Issue #4 is ready to go as soon as the new publisher can get it listed in Diamond's catalog. Issue #5 is getting the finishing touches and issue #6 is being worked on. The new publisher will be republishing issues 1-3 as a booklet, so that their established audience can purchase the first three issues.

The Jericho comic is alive!

Gwen (Ratkeeper)