Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spread the Nutty Love Campaign


Two ways to contribute!
Direct donations of peanut butter or an auction item on Ebay


After their successful campaign to raise money for tornado damaged Greensburg, Kansas, the Jericho fans are launching their next charity based endeavor.
Jericho Ranger Chigal76 has proposed an idea to help feed the hungry people of Kansas, but we need your help!
We are on a mission to fill the warehouse of the Kansas Food Bank, (associated with America's Second Harvest) with PEANUT BUTTER!
This is more than NUTS, this is helping real people with real problems.


You can order peanut butter directly through our Jericho Peanut Butter wishlist at
All orders will be sent to The Kansas Food Bank Central DistributionFacility.

The Jericho Peanut Butter for Kansas Food Bank Wish List:
Amazon - Jericho Peanut Butter

Include at check out to receive 25% off your order.
Valid until JUNE 30th

We appreciate all of the help and say thank you in advance!
Let's show our town spirit and come together to help our neighbors.
If every Jericho Ranger sends at least one jar, we will make a huge impact!

Amazon - Jericho Peanut Butter

Charity Auction to Benefit the Jericho Food Bank Drive!
Postcards from Oakley, Kansas (site of the 2008 Jerichon Convention).
Signed and auctioned with permission by Jericho Producer/Writer MattFederman and On-Set Dresser Mike Loomer.
Hand stamped/canceled from Oakley,KS Post Office.


For more information on the campaign Spreading the Nutty Love, Kansas Food Bank Drive,
Please visit the following links:
Visit our Website
Jericho Revolution

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ballons and Cake for Nancy Campaign

(Update: this campaign is completed)

From slking12:

Jericho Rangers have purchased full page ads, sent nuts, erected a billboard, bought Jericho season 2 DVDs for the troops, and have funded commercials which will begin very soon. All these things were done to fight for season 3 of our show. We want to continue making noise and several of us have talked about sending balloons to Nancy Tellem to keep her attention.

Depending on how much we raise, we want to order balloons from I hope to get a picture of what they will look like by tomorrow so I can post it. I've ordered from these folks before and their work is attention grabbing to say the least.

In the meantime if you want to get an idea of what they offer, go to their website, click on bouquets, then click on birthday. It's a pop up menu and you can look at each page to see different balloons. I've sent the riot balloon bouquet before and it's huge. The owner said she would come up with something to knock their socks off and they'll take a picture of it being delivered.

From rhysewf:

Ok, this is what I have been working on and I need to know right away if all of you want it because it needs to be set in motion now!

This is a sample cake, they can make us a cake

The cake would be 16 by 12, on the cake, right upper corner, billboard pic

Left upper corner dvd for the troops pic

Lower left corner Tv with the words tv ad inside

Lower right. Big peanut standing up\ lower left, clm`s squirrel standing up in 3d holding the dont tread on me flag.

On the front of the cake it will say lets make history

This cake can be delivered to the ballon vendor and they will deliver the bouquet of balloons to Nancy and staff

The balloon vendo will take a picture of the delivery.

The cake will be 590 including delivery the ballons will be 175 including the delivery which means we need to collect 765 soon, R U in or out, need to know by tonite as cake needs to be started for thursday delivery

If you want to contribute, here's the link:

06/08 Priority Digg - Jericho Season Two Alternate Ending

From Terocious:

Digg Deep Jericho fans this is the real deal!

Friday, June 6, 2008

New E-Bay Jericho Items Auction

(Update: this auction is completed)

PMary and AlasJericho are at it again. This time they are trying to raise a few bucks to create a press kit and a secure a substantial quantity of nuts to try and bring some attention to our fantastic billboard! More details on this initiative will be posted soon, but have a look at our e-Bay auctions and consider bidding early and often to help us raise the money for this phase of the Sell Jericho initiative!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Radio Dedication Campaign

Our Mission:
Call up your local or national radio station that takes dedications, within your reach, and dedicate any of the following songs to the people at the Save Jericho, Save Moonlight TV Show Campaign. (Or; dedicate it to the ‘Moonrangers of Jericho and Moonlight’)

“Calling You” by Blue October (Moonlight)
“World” by Five For Fighting (Jericho)
“Into the Ocean” by Blue October (Moonlight)
“Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom” by The Hives (Jericho)

These songs are all still current on the Rock and Adult Contemporary charts, are trackable using Billboard, and were all featured within or associated with our shows.

This idea originally came towards the end of the Save Jericho Campaign, and was resurrected once again for the Watch Jericho Campaign and with the help of some fellow fans, has been retooled for this new purpose. This particular effort can continue on long after the shows are potentially renewed. It’s that widestretching.

Formerly called the Nothing Compares 2 U Song Dedication Campaign, (but because the song and the artist have a tendency of causing violent reactions in people...(the History Starts Now Song Campaign is designed to promote Jericho (and now Moonlight) in a fast, inexpensive easy way that everybody participate in, nationally and Internationally. It launched originally with successful results while trying to get Jericho back, but was cut short by the announcement of its return. It also ran during the days previous to the first airings, and during the Watch Jericho Campaign, all with moderate results. Many of the people who are potential watchers of both shows, are not internet savvy, or may not want to get involved in the online race. Many don’t even know the shows are cancelled. This is a chance to reach out to them. You may not listen to radio, but they do.

We cut down on the number of songs from previous, and added in the commonly tracked ones from Moonlight. This may not directly and immediately promote our sites, but it gets curiosity piqued, and eventually will lead to further investigation on the end of the DJ’s. In addition, this full on hit will include extensions to talk radio, which can potentially lead to media attention. These songs are also tracked by Billboard. If enough dedications and airplay is increased for these songs, that too, will be noticed by the media.

We here at JNet pride ourselves on the fact that we try to be a full service board for all of you whether you are a member or not. We have always had this mysterious list of Radio Stations by State. This is what it has always been meant for. You can call (and in some cases, email) in to your radio station and request it. If they take requests, they will put it on the air. If they get a lot of requests they are going to get curious.

We also provide a list of Satellite Radio Stations. These are also monitored by Billboard, and their own airplay monitors. Anybody can call in or email to request for these stations, including International fans. You don’t have to subscribe. They will still play it.

You can also download these songs and get others to download it from or iTunes. You may have to compete with David Cook of American Idol right about now, but we are loud, we are strong, we can do it. That too, is monitored, just not as easily associative. But they have commentary areas that you can drop a line in for.

Keep calling or emailing these requests in, every other hour, every five hours, every day, whichever you can do. Get others to join in within your state, or in states within the broadcasting area of those local stations, and most definitely on the National Radio Stations. Make sure you include the dedication to Jericho or Moonlight, however you decide to phrase it, make sure you get it in there.

Be prepared, however, that this may lead to a DJ requesting to talk to you on air. Make sure that you have your information about the Jericho and Moonlight Save campaigns at the ready when and if you go on air. The idea here is to spread information about the campaign by getting curiosity up at first about the dedications, and then by getting DJ's to take an interest. Keep with the facts, don't go off of emotions.

Keep this up as long as you can, or at least until you can get somebody on air at that radio station to promote saving Jericho and Moonlight. Many local stations will have many of these songs in their playlist. Sirius and XM radio stations also have the ability to call in and make dedications. Get others in on this as well; the more people making these strange dedications will only serve to get more curiosity up. This can all be tracked by Billboard, and we will try to get those numbers up if we can to track any potential progress. This is one more thing we can do to take our shows’ future into our own hands.

See Jerichonet2 for further details.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nuts to Nielsen University Announcement

Nuts To Nielsen University
Are proud to announce the graduation of their Jericho Ranger Peanuts
Sunday, June 8, 2008
At 2:00 p.m.
Commencement will be held at
All points Jericho Internet
777 Merry Meeting Way
Jericho, Kansas

A reception in Ranger's honor will be held
Los Angelas Times
202 W. 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Please RSVP here