Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ballons and Cake for Nancy Campaign

(Update: this campaign is completed)

From slking12:

Jericho Rangers have purchased full page ads, sent nuts, erected a billboard, bought Jericho season 2 DVDs for the troops, and have funded commercials which will begin very soon. All these things were done to fight for season 3 of our show. We want to continue making noise and several of us have talked about sending balloons to Nancy Tellem to keep her attention.

Depending on how much we raise, we want to order balloons from I hope to get a picture of what they will look like by tomorrow so I can post it. I've ordered from these folks before and their work is attention grabbing to say the least.

In the meantime if you want to get an idea of what they offer, go to their website, click on bouquets, then click on birthday. It's a pop up menu and you can look at each page to see different balloons. I've sent the riot balloon bouquet before and it's huge. The owner said she would come up with something to knock their socks off and they'll take a picture of it being delivered.

From rhysewf:

Ok, this is what I have been working on and I need to know right away if all of you want it because it needs to be set in motion now!

This is a sample cake, they can make us a cake

The cake would be 16 by 12, on the cake, right upper corner, billboard pic

Left upper corner dvd for the troops pic

Lower left corner Tv with the words tv ad inside

Lower right. Big peanut standing up\ lower left, clm`s squirrel standing up in 3d holding the dont tread on me flag.

On the front of the cake it will say lets make history

This cake can be delivered to the ballon vendor and they will deliver the bouquet of balloons to Nancy and staff

The balloon vendo will take a picture of the delivery.

The cake will be 590 including delivery the ballons will be 175 including the delivery which means we need to collect 765 soon, R U in or out, need to know by tonite as cake needs to be started for thursday delivery

If you want to contribute, here's the link:

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