Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ranger Rally at UHD Boards

From Jeanine123 (CBS Board)

The mods on the Jericho boards at UHD have been giving us tips on what has worked in the past for the Browncoats to increase their board's traffic and get the admin at UHD to take notice. One of their weekly deals is to host a Shindig (or in our case a Ranger Rally). What they do is all gather when Firefly is airing on UHD and watch the show together while posting on the special Shindig thread that is started each week for the show. It's a good way to spike the board's activity for an hour or two at a set time on one day and make the powers that be notice that there is still interest in both the show airing on their network and in the messageboard.

I would like to start this up for Jericho this weekend and have our own Ranger Rally. This would be IN ADDITION TO the Great Jericho Re-Watch that dbalcer (Debby) started right after the show was done on CBS since having increased traffic here is still important. This Saturday night at 8 and 11PM Eastern Time Universal HD will be airing Jennings and Rall. If you have UHD please tune in, if you don't please watch along on your DVD, here at CBS, on Fancast or iTunes download or whatever you have available to you. It won't be quite as cool as chatting real time in Jeritopia during the Re-Watch is but I think it'll still be quite a bit of fun and a good way to show UHD that we appreciate that they're re-airing Season 2 and providing us with some pretty great messageboards.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tronto Comic Convention

From: lilblackbird
Date: Jul-22

Ladies and Gentlemen
The time is upon us for some guerrilla-style promotion.
On August 22, 2008, laramarie74 and I will be attending the Toronto Comic Convention.
This is ONE MONTH from today

We want YOU to be there too! Here’s what we’ve come up with
  • An information package (postcard size, double sided, professionally printed) 500 units.
  • Pre-addressed postcards to give away (printed at home, at our own expense)
  • Stamped postcards that we will keep and send on others behalf (postcard at our expense, stamps TBD
Here’s what we need from you:
  • Someone to accept the ‘stamped’ postcards and send them. Since postage is twice the price here, we’d love to have someone in the US to send the cards to in bulk and get them stamped and sent.
  • Bodies. We need people to come out to the event to support this effort. It’s close to Union Station (2 blocks), so transit is not a problem. We’ll be there in some ‘Jericho’ attire, shirts and/or Ranger Jackets.
  • Money! But not a lot. We want to get the info cards professionally printed and cut. This will cost about $150. We would also like to pay for the stamps to send the postcards, so no one is out any money. This amount is hard to determine at this point, but I doubt it would be more than $100. Total we would be looking at about $250 for this endeavour.

In the next little while, a place to donate some money to this will be in place.

Final details are being worked out now.

If you wish, you can PM me for more information.

Thank you all and I hope to see you there

Laramarie74 and Blackbird


We’ve decided that our postcards need a little zazz. So, we’re asking for your help. We would like to hold a small contest for a picture to be included on the postcards we will be sending out to CBS PARAMOUNT in support of Jericho.
Please note the prize for this contest is having the honour of your art on the postcards, which will be signed by people at the Fan Expo, and then sent to Paramount.
And, we might just buy you a drink…if you’re in Toronto.
The picture to be included will be a maximum of 3”x4”. It’s small, but it’s going on a 4x6 postcard, black and white. The art can be anything you choose that is Jericho related. It can be compilations, cartoons, caricatures … anything you want.
All images must be posted/submitted by August 10th, and voting will take place shortly thereafter. They will need to be sent to print by the 15th, so there is only a short window to vote. Please do NOT go on vacation that week! : )

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Jericho Nomination

Imagen Foundation

Best Supporting Actor

  • Danny Pino, Cold Case, CBS/Paramount Network Television
  • Esai Morales, Jericho, CBS/Paramount Network Television
  • Jorge Garcia, Lost, ABC, American Broadcasting Company
  • Shalim Ortiz, Heros, NBC
  • Tony Plana, Ugly Betty, ABC and Touchstone Television

Congratulations Esai!

Friday, July 18, 2008

NTN International Tribute Donations

From K6FEJ (CBS Board)

Our international Rangers have a wonderful campaign headed up by Rosma to honor General McAuliffe by placing a wreath at his statue. He is Mr "Nuts" that started all this! This is going to be a tribute to the great leader and the town of Bastogne.

To coincide with the main effort of the placing of the wreath by our international fandom NTN is going to do a symbolic shelling 200 to 400 pounds of a soon to be announced target in Florida to keep up the pressure on Nielsen's poor treatment of Oldsmar US workers and highlight their antiquated ratings.

We are currently working on a press release and contacting the media to highlight the International fandom efforts.

This is a very inexpensive campaign and if you would like to contribute here are the links.
For the wreath at General McAuliffe statue at Bastogne... Headed up by Rosma....


When you get to the site click the DONAR (Donate) button in the center of the page. That takes you to the PayPal site (not in english but easy to figure out) inter the amount of Euros you want to donate. Do not add a decimal point ( I had trouble figuring that one out ). A Euro is about about a $1.60.

NTN symbolic shelling in Florida.....


Just click on the SAVE JERICHO.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jericho's Emmy Nomination


Congrats to Jericho for 2008 Emmy Nomination!!
Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series
Jericho • Patriots And Tyrants • CBS • CBS Paramount Television
Andrew Orloff, Visual Effects Supervisor
Blythe Dalton, Visual Effects Producer
John Stirber, Special Effects Supervisor
Chris Jones, Compositing Supervisor
Michael Cliett, CGI Supervisor
Lane Jolly, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Johnathan R. Banta, Lead Matte Artist
Josh Hooker, Lead CGI Artist

Congratulations to the visual effects team and the producers for this well deserved Emmy nomination.

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Matter of Pride - The Hall of Fame

As you know there are several fans that have been voting for Jericho on Rich Labonte's TVVote. What you may not know is that TV Vote poll will close when the total votes cast equals 10,000,000. There are about 800,000 votes left before the poll closes. Before that happens the Voting Rangers would like to get Jericho into the Hall of Fame. Jericho is less than 15,000 votes from the Hall of Fame. The Voting Rangers are asking for your help to make this happen. You can vote once every hour everyday. Please help out by at least voting once per day. Thank You for your support.

Voting Link: http://www.richlabonte.net/tvvote/

Update from Flowerlady (7/13/08):

  • Hall of Fame: 250,000
  • Votes so far: 242,634
  • Votes Needed: 7,366
  • Jericho has a gain of 597 votes.

Update (7/12/08):

  • Hall of Fame: 250,000
  • Votes so far: 242,037
  • Votes Needed: 7,963
  • Jericho has a gain of 668 votes.

Update (7/11/08):

  • Hall of Fame: 250,000
  • Votes so far: 241,369
  • Votes Needed: 8,631
  • Jericho has a gain of 1,421 votes

Update (7/9/08)

  • Hall of Fame: 250,000
  • Votes so far: 239,948
  • Votes Needed: 10,052
  • Jericho has a gain of 699 votes

Update (7/8/08):

  • Hall of Fame: 250,000
  • Votes so far: 239,249
  • Votes Needed: 10,751
  • Jericho has a gain of 687 votes

Update (7/7/08):

  • Hall of Fame: 250,000
  • Votes so far: 238,562
  • Votes Needed: 11,438
  • Jericho has a gain of 2,432 votes

Update from Flowerlady (7/3/08):

  • Hall of Fame: 250,000
  • Votes so far: 236,130
  • Votes Needed: 13,870
  • Jericho has a gain of 748 votes

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Campaign Idea From Clutz12001 (CBS Board)

As the CBS boards are down, I cannot seem to offer this small item on the board! I also cannot use Sci-Fi board, as they claim my email address is an "error" but they won't let me delete and retry it.

Anyway, I stopped by my local grocery's Redbox do-it-yourself DVD vending machine. They had no Jericho. So I emailed them at questions@redbox.com to request that they carry Jericho Season 2. They were very polite in their reply, and said to check back as they change titles regularly.

I thought maybe if the get lots and lots of emails, Redbox will start supplying Jericho , which will help us with DVD sales?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This Idea Is Da Bomb...

Google Bomb that is!

One of the things we need to start doing is reaching out to fans and potential fans that do not visit our humble abode here at CBS. Since they aren’t coming to us we must beckon them to come. A Google Bomb could be our answer. This was an idea suggested by BoonDoggie at find-the-boots.blogspot.com and proposed by Terocious in a thread a few weeks ago. The idea is to embed a search term with a weblink to Jericho. We then post the search term everywhere and as often as we can. When the term is searched, up comes the weblink to Jericho (preferably in the number one spot).

The search term we will begin with is “compelling drama” and we will link it to the Jericho homepage here: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/jericho/. I am sure that there are a few who are asking “Huh? How do I embed a link?” No worries, it’s easy.

  1. Begin by typing the words “compelling drama” in your post or blog.
  2. Highlight the words “compelling drama”.
  3. At the top of the message window is a tool bar. Look for a button with a picture of a globe and chain links on it. Click on it.
  4. Type or paste in http://www.cbs.com/primetime/jericho/.
  5. Click “OK”.

You have just embedded a link. Now everyone go out and have fun posting this link. Be imaginative and creative but be careful to post only where it is allowed. We don’t want anyone to get in trouble over this. If we are successful in accomplishing this we have some others terms and links we can use.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Termination for Cause" Autographed Script Auction

UPDATE: This auction is over

Never let it be said that moss grows under a Jericho Ranger’s feet! Now that the 10-day run of our Save Jericho Again TV ads have wrapped up, and many other campaigns, such the Variety ad, billboard, several great humanitarian efforts, balloons and cake, and various nutty endeavors, have reached a conclusion, we’ve got to keep the momentum going. We’ve made some noise, and we’re being noticed, but our work is not over yet.

That’s why we’re moving into Round 2 of the TV ad campaign. Thanks to a very generous offer by PMary and Jeff Knoll to help us make some quick bucks and purchase more air time, we are offering for auction eight Jericho scripts from Season 2’s “Termination for Cause,” personally signed by that episode’s central players Brad Beyer and D.B. Sweeney.

PMary and Jeff successfully auctioned off other Jericho items through eBay to fund the Variety and billboard campaigns, and they are graciously doing the same to help fund us more ads and get more eyes on Rubberpoultry’s fantastic Save Jericho Again commercial. We won’t be able to purchase as large a media schedule as before, but based on what we bring in through the eBay auction, we can certainly seek additional targeted airtime and supplement our continuing letter- and postcard-writing campaigns.

So, if you want to own a script that showcased “Stanley” and “Goetz” in some of the finest and most moving TV I’ve seen in yours, visit the Save Jericho Again website for more details. At the same time, you’ll be contributing to Save Jericho Again. Time is limited, and we have only a couple of days to get the word out and seek the best price on these valuable scripts bearing the John Hancock of Brad, our fabulous commercial voice-over guy!

We’ve also installed a Donate link for anyone else who may want to contribute to this second run of the commercial.

Our heartfelt thanks to PMary and Jeff for this generous donation and great idea! Our heartfelt thanks also to all of you who have contributed or supported the TV ad and other efforts in various ways. It’s great to see all efforts coming together to Save Jericho Again!