Friday, July 18, 2008

NTN International Tribute Donations

From K6FEJ (CBS Board)

Our international Rangers have a wonderful campaign headed up by Rosma to honor General McAuliffe by placing a wreath at his statue. He is Mr "Nuts" that started all this! This is going to be a tribute to the great leader and the town of Bastogne.

To coincide with the main effort of the placing of the wreath by our international fandom NTN is going to do a symbolic shelling 200 to 400 pounds of a soon to be announced target in Florida to keep up the pressure on Nielsen's poor treatment of Oldsmar US workers and highlight their antiquated ratings.

We are currently working on a press release and contacting the media to highlight the International fandom efforts.

This is a very inexpensive campaign and if you would like to contribute here are the links.
For the wreath at General McAuliffe statue at Bastogne... Headed up by Rosma....

When you get to the site click the DONAR (Donate) button in the center of the page. That takes you to the PayPal site (not in english but easy to figure out) inter the amount of Euros you want to donate. Do not add a decimal point ( I had trouble figuring that one out ). A Euro is about about a $1.60.

NTN symbolic shelling in Florida.....

Just click on the SAVE JERICHO.


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