Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ranger Rally at UHD Boards

From Jeanine123 (CBS Board)

The mods on the Jericho boards at UHD have been giving us tips on what has worked in the past for the Browncoats to increase their board's traffic and get the admin at UHD to take notice. One of their weekly deals is to host a Shindig (or in our case a Ranger Rally). What they do is all gather when Firefly is airing on UHD and watch the show together while posting on the special Shindig thread that is started each week for the show. It's a good way to spike the board's activity for an hour or two at a set time on one day and make the powers that be notice that there is still interest in both the show airing on their network and in the messageboard.

I would like to start this up for Jericho this weekend and have our own Ranger Rally. This would be IN ADDITION TO the Great Jericho Re-Watch that dbalcer (Debby) started right after the show was done on CBS since having increased traffic here is still important. This Saturday night at 8 and 11PM Eastern Time Universal HD will be airing Jennings and Rall. If you have UHD please tune in, if you don't please watch along on your DVD, here at CBS, on Fancast or iTunes download or whatever you have available to you. It won't be quite as cool as chatting real time in Jeritopia during the Re-Watch is but I think it'll still be quite a bit of fun and a good way to show UHD that we appreciate that they're re-airing Season 2 and providing us with some pretty great messageboards.


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