Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Termination for Cause" Autographed Script Auction

UPDATE: This auction is over

Never let it be said that moss grows under a Jericho Ranger’s feet! Now that the 10-day run of our Save Jericho Again TV ads have wrapped up, and many other campaigns, such the Variety ad, billboard, several great humanitarian efforts, balloons and cake, and various nutty endeavors, have reached a conclusion, we’ve got to keep the momentum going. We’ve made some noise, and we’re being noticed, but our work is not over yet.

That’s why we’re moving into Round 2 of the TV ad campaign. Thanks to a very generous offer by PMary and Jeff Knoll to help us make some quick bucks and purchase more air time, we are offering for auction eight Jericho scripts from Season 2’s “Termination for Cause,” personally signed by that episode’s central players Brad Beyer and D.B. Sweeney.

PMary and Jeff successfully auctioned off other Jericho items through eBay to fund the Variety and billboard campaigns, and they are graciously doing the same to help fund us more ads and get more eyes on Rubberpoultry’s fantastic Save Jericho Again commercial. We won’t be able to purchase as large a media schedule as before, but based on what we bring in through the eBay auction, we can certainly seek additional targeted airtime and supplement our continuing letter- and postcard-writing campaigns.

So, if you want to own a script that showcased “Stanley” and “Goetz” in some of the finest and most moving TV I’ve seen in yours, visit the Save Jericho Again website for more details. At the same time, you’ll be contributing to Save Jericho Again. Time is limited, and we have only a couple of days to get the word out and seek the best price on these valuable scripts bearing the John Hancock of Brad, our fabulous commercial voice-over guy!

We’ve also installed a Donate link for anyone else who may want to contribute to this second run of the commercial.

Our heartfelt thanks to PMary and Jeff for this generous donation and great idea! Our heartfelt thanks also to all of you who have contributed or supported the TV ad and other efforts in various ways. It’s great to see all efforts coming together to Save Jericho Again!