Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tronto Comic Convention

From: lilblackbird
Date: Jul-22

Ladies and Gentlemen
The time is upon us for some guerrilla-style promotion.
On August 22, 2008, laramarie74 and I will be attending the Toronto Comic Convention.
This is ONE MONTH from today

We want YOU to be there too! Here’s what we’ve come up with
  • An information package (postcard size, double sided, professionally printed) 500 units.
  • Pre-addressed postcards to give away (printed at home, at our own expense)
  • Stamped postcards that we will keep and send on others behalf (postcard at our expense, stamps TBD
Here’s what we need from you:
  • Someone to accept the ‘stamped’ postcards and send them. Since postage is twice the price here, we’d love to have someone in the US to send the cards to in bulk and get them stamped and sent.
  • Bodies. We need people to come out to the event to support this effort. It’s close to Union Station (2 blocks), so transit is not a problem. We’ll be there in some ‘Jericho’ attire, shirts and/or Ranger Jackets.
  • Money! But not a lot. We want to get the info cards professionally printed and cut. This will cost about $150. We would also like to pay for the stamps to send the postcards, so no one is out any money. This amount is hard to determine at this point, but I doubt it would be more than $100. Total we would be looking at about $250 for this endeavour.

In the next little while, a place to donate some money to this will be in place.

Final details are being worked out now.

If you wish, you can PM me for more information.

Thank you all and I hope to see you there

Laramarie74 and Blackbird


We’ve decided that our postcards need a little zazz. So, we’re asking for your help. We would like to hold a small contest for a picture to be included on the postcards we will be sending out to CBS PARAMOUNT in support of Jericho.
Please note the prize for this contest is having the honour of your art on the postcards, which will be signed by people at the Fan Expo, and then sent to Paramount.
And, we might just buy you a drink…if you’re in Toronto.
The picture to be included will be a maximum of 3”x4”. It’s small, but it’s going on a 4x6 postcard, black and white. The art can be anything you choose that is Jericho related. It can be compilations, cartoons, caricatures … anything you want.
All images must be posted/submitted by August 10th, and voting will take place shortly thereafter. They will need to be sent to print by the 15th, so there is only a short window to vote. Please do NOT go on vacation that week! : )

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