Friday, May 30, 2008

TV Ad Script by RubberPoultry

In September of 2006, 23 US cities were leveled by nuclear attacks.

A small midwestern town became the central battleground for a new kind of drama.

and then... Jericho was cancelled.

Fans revolted and the network responded with an abbreviated second season.

9 months of silence, a crippling writer's strike and a new time slot resulted in a second cancellation.

Now, Jericho fans fight for quality programming once more.

We need your help saving Jericho again.


(paid for and created entirely by fans of Jericho)

(fine print)
The Jericho fans responsible for this spot are not in any way affiliated with CBS/Paramount, Junction Entertainment and/or CBS Television, the production companies that make Jericho.

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