Saturday, May 24, 2008

History Starts Now: TV Commercial

(Update: Fundraising goal has been met. No further donations are needed at this time.)


Attention all Jericho fans still committed to making our presence known! We have been presented with an incredible opportunity to have the entertainment industry hear us in a big way. It’s our chance to show our continued commitment to Jericho – AND demonstrate that while we love our show, we also love and honor our troops! How? This is where it gets exciting! What do you think about nearly 300 TV ads created by our own Rubber Poultry and airing at strategic times on strategic channels such as the Sci-Fi, History, Discovery, TNT, and ESPN channels (including the NBA playoffs)? This would be in full-out effort to kick our DVDs for the Troops campaign into high gear, as well as create and/or maintain awareness of Jericho fans’ efforts in and around the Hollywood industry area where a decision about the resurrection of Jericho would most likely originate.

Under a proposal presented to us from Time-Warner in LA we are looking at a 10-day scheduled run in zones around Hollywood, Orange County, and the East San Fernando Valley.

Stay tuned…..and start digging out all that loose change (and large denomination bills) in your sofas and under your car seats!!

GOAL: $6,500
We are at $3,250

Amount needed $3,250

ETA donation link. This will take you to the Jericho Rangers 4 Our Troops website. In the upper left hand corner is a button labeled TV Commercial Campaign, click on that and it'll take you to the Pay Pal account.

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