Tuesday, August 12, 2008

WINNERS ANNOUCED: Shelby's Great Giveaway

Congratulations to all of the winners!

To claim your prize:

Please email the name that you used when making your donation as well as your full name and mailing address. If you won a personalized autograph, please include the name in which the autograph is to be written. Please email your information to info@jr4ot.org. All autographs will take approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive.

**Please note that all prizes need to be claimed by Friday, August 15th, 2008 at 9pm est**

Please email info@jr4ot.org with any questions.

Thanks to everyone for your donations to the DVDs for the Troops 2 Campaign!! NAMES NOTED IN RED ARE THOSE THAT HAVE SENT THE NECESSARY EMAIL

And the winners are:

A. MacDonald- Jazz Raycole

A. Robinson--April Parker-Personalized

Alex F.--April Parker--Personalized

Alyssa D--Brad Beyer-Personalized

Artzylady--April Parker-personalized

B. McFadyen -- April Parker-- Personalize

BestDamShow-- Brad Beyer-Personalized

Brigitte--Brad Beyer-Personalized

C. Herholtz--Brad Beyer--Personalized

C. Mason-D.B.Sweeney-Personalized

Channing M.--Loomer-Personalized

Cher352-- Loomer-Personalized

D. Shade -- D.B. Sweeney-- Personalized


David S.--Loomer-Personalized

Delana201--Candace Bailey

G. Anton-- Brad Beyer--Personalized

H. Locke--Loomer-Personalized

H. Weingarten-April Parker-Personalized

Ichtus--Chris Kramer

J. Demmon -- Brad Beyer -- Personalized

J. Lacerda--April Parker-Personalized

J. Lewek-- Candace Bailey

J. Pelzer--Candace Bailey

Jason S.--Brad Beyer-personalized

Jaylene R.-D.B. Sweeney-Personalized

Jenna T. -- D.B. Sweeney-- Personalized

Joseph C.--Kenneth Mitchell

Julian P-Brad Beyer-Personalized

K. Kanack -- Brad Beyer-Personalized

K. Lewek -- Brad Beyer--Personalized


K6FEJ-April Parker-personalized

Kdolten--Carol Barbee

Kristin S.--Candace Bailey

Kystorms -- D.B. Sweeney-- Personalized

L. Pendleton--April Parker-Personalized

M. Evans -- Loomer--Personalized

Mansoor A.-Dan Shotz

Matthew Z. -- Loomer-- Personalized

Melissa E in Ala.-- April Parker--Personalized

Monita S.-- Jazz Raycole

mpnice -- Chris Kramer

N .Bishop-Chris Kramer

N. Stephens--Brad Beyer-personalized

N2N2--Brad Beyer-Personalized

Nobodysbaby--Jazz Raycole

Olivia U--Brad Beyer-personalized

Onur B.--April Parker-Personalized

P. Hawk--D.B.Sweeney-Personalized

P. Roels-- April Parker--Personalized

PV544--Chris Kramer

Rachael H.-- Jazz Raycole


realityagent--April Parker-Personalized

RedSoxx--April Parker-personalized

Robert K.-April Parker-Personalized

Roxzi B.--Loomer-Personalized

S. Bergeron-D.B. Sweeney-Personalized

S. Degaitis-April Parker-Personalized

S. King-Chris Kramer

S. Phillips-Loomer-Personalized

S. Tomlinson-Brad Beyer-Personalized

Shannon-Lennie James

SusanGator -- Jazz Raycole

T. Thomas -- Loomer -- Personalized

trevaknows--Brad Beyer-Personalized

UseHerName-D.B. Sweeney-Personalized

Welcome2Cho--Candace Bailey

William T. -- Jennie Sword

Wyatt B.--D.B. Sweeney--Personalized

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