Monday, August 4, 2008

A Call to Arms all Rangers Needed!!

From: redsox19861 (CBS Board)
Date: 12:38 AM

To All fellow Rangers this is a call to arms. As we have all seen on the CBS Board the last 3 weeks many of our Leaders and Fellow Rangers have decided to leave the Baoard because of heated exchanges and out of frustration over things that have built up over time.

As a member of the Community I am asking that General Patton, Xwarp, Schumi, NorsU, K6, Rhy and the many other Rangers who have left the Board over unkind remarks, attacks or counter attacks please reconsider and come back. We have all come too far to let this community dissolve because of heated exchanges or hurt feelings. I know it is easier said then done

Please remember what brought you to this show, what drove you to get involved to the point where people put their trust and faith in you

Shumi and Xwarp and others were instrumental in leading the effort to Save Jericho after Season 1 and because they chose to get involved we all got involved to save Jericho. General Patton, came to the Boards and began to rally troops and lead the efforts to bring old Rangers and new Rangers to the Boards in late 2007 just prior to Season 2. I for one am grateful for his leadership on this and many other campaigns since as I came back to the Board because of his efforts.

In the short term we need to band together and we can push this home. But we are not going to do it without you as each one of you are leaders and your presence is needed now. I am also calling on all the other rangers, posters and lurkers out there. It is time to step up

I communicated with Rubber Poultry today. We have approximately $1200 after Ebay fees etc per PMary and Jeff from the autographed script sales several weeks back.. That in conjunction with the donations we already have should put us around $2,000. I am looking into advertising on UHD as well.

I have grown to trust RP and he still feels that the producers are committed to getting the show back on the air even if it means a movie first. But they can not do it alone they need us as much as we need them right now. The biggest and best trick that Carol and Dan have in their bag is the incredible fan support for the show

In the meantime the game plan is this. We are going to have 3 to 5 DVD’s of the Commercial and one additional script for auction on Ebay to raise funds. We are going to put up the Donation link on the CBS, UHD, SciFi and WIKI Boards as well as several international fan site boards for 8 Days. Once that is done we take what we raised and we run ads on Time Warner in LA, specifically in and around Hollywood

We are also planning to get the several DVD’s out into the mainline media such as Fox and CNN to see if they will run them ie on the 6:00pm and 10:00pm news casts

Also we have the letter drop that is schedule to go out tomorrow, Monday August 4, 2008 and again on Monday August 11, 2008. We have the re-watch This Tuesday on CBS and also the re-watch on Fancast and UHD scheduled for this coming weekend.

To everyone out there, we need all hands on deck. This is not about one person or one group, Right now it is about the entire community. We have a choice, we can let 2 years of hard work, new friendships and a historical Partnership between a show and its Fans die or we can chose to stand and fight.

I for one chose to stand and fight. I hope everyone out there that has left or is thinking about leaving decides to put things aside for now and give it one more try. We can win this. We just have to have faith in ourselves and try to find a common ground with those we have had battles with in the past.

The choice is simple we can either make History Again of be History.


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