Thursday, August 28, 2008

Contingency Communication Plans

Gwen and I have put our heads together and think we can expand the Jericho Emergency Broadcast System (JEBS) to function as an interforum announcements system. *IF* the CBS Jericho board does go down, this system can be put in place.

Announcements that you would have posted on the CBS Jericho Board such as campaign information, forum/board announcements, contests, blog announcements, etc. can go out via JEBS.

I will collect announcements through these addresses and and send a digest of the announcements to Gwen at 10 pm eastern. She will then send this digest of information out to the JEB subscribers, by midnight pacific time. Subscribers who are forum admins can repost any applicable information to their own forum/board the next day.

Applicable announcements will also be published on the Jericho Townhall blog.

Announcements will have a 12-24 hour lag time, but with a bit of extra planning this shouldn't be a problem. Emergency announcements will still go out as they develop.

Any JEBS subscriber who wants to ONLY receive emergency information, would contact Gwen (gwen@az-technology) to be moved to a smaller emergency only list. Any forum/board administrator who is NOT a JEBS subscriber should contact Gwen.

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