Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Project Reinstatement

About two weeks ago several rangers were banned from posting on the CBS Board for posting information they felt we would be interested in. These postings did not violate the Terms of Service and were a source of encouragement for us. There was nothing warranting deletion. Two fans who were trying to post this information are now banned. Worse yet, two other fans that had nothing to do with this incident are banned, too. They are dawn_usa (she is currently able to post), dbalcer1, Cactusmary8 (added to list 10/18/08), jeanine123 (added to list 10/22/08), maybei (she is currently posting) and MYvibesmom. It is time to try and correct this injustice. It is time to reinstate them to the CBS Community.

At least one of these fans had tried to resolve this situation with CBS but had not heard back from them. My theory is that our individual complaints about the moderation of this board are passed on to this board’s moderator, who in my opinion is part of the problem. This happens because those who sort through the complaints are only looking for where they should direct the complaints. For instance, they see the words “moderation” and “Jericho”. They then forward the complaint without really reading it to the moderator of the Jericho message board. Now, I would doubt we would get much help from him on this. What we need to do is get our complaint to someone higher up but how?

I believe we need to get the attention of the “complaint sorter” and get him to actually read our complaint so that he will direct it to someone more appropriate. “How?” you might ask. Simply put we need each and every ranger to get involved in this. We need each and every ranger to make a coordinated effort to email and write to CBS at the same time. I feel that CBS would take noticed when they receive a large number of complaints at once. The “complaint sorter” will become curious as to what is going on and will read the complaints. Having read them he will then know to forward them to someone other than the moderator.

I propose that we coordinate the deliver of our complaints to CBS for this Monday, October 20th. We will direct our letters to:

CBS Sportsline
2200 West Cypress Creek RoadFort Lauderdale, FL 33309

We will send emails to:


If you wish you can call at this number:
954 351 2120

Please send out your letters so they will arrive on Monday. We will begin emailing this Friday after 8:00 PM EDT. This should ensure that the emails will pile up over the weekend. If you wish to make a phone call, please do so on Monday.
Our goal is the following:
Get our fellow fans reinstated to our community.
Urge that all reported violations are review for actually violations and not automatically deleted.
Urge for fair and impartial moderation of the Jericho message board.
Now, I will be honest and say we might not be successful with this but we due owe it to our fellow fans to make the effort to get them reinstated. Thank you for your cooperation in this manner.

UPDATE (10/15/08): dawn_usa and maybei are currently posting on the CBS Board.
UPDATE (10/18/08): Cactusmary8 has been added to the list of user we are reinstating.
UPDATE (10/22/08): jeanine123 has been added to the list of user we are reinstating.

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