Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why We Are Targeting epix

From Redsox at UHD:

Hello Fellow Rangers,

Just wanted to chime in with an update. First we had good numbers again on the CW with 1,178,000 going into 7:30pm lead in to movie. The Pilot on YouTube has gone over 93,000 views and the UHD Board is at 23,300 posts and climbing.

Gwen aka Ratkeeper, Crochetlady, Jeanine123, Sean and Robert were at Wondercon this past weekend in San Francisco and she had a few minutes with Dan Shotz and Karim Zriek. "The Jericho movie is in development," spoke Karim Zriek, continuing, "there's going to be announcement probably this coming week, not about a Jericho movie, but about another avenue which we're going to continue telling the Jericho story."


The Fandum is split with many getting excited from Dan and Karim’s words and others treating it with guarded reservations. We are coming up on the one year anniversary of Season 2 cancellation. Jericho is still on the CW and ratings continue to increase, youtube is over 1.1 million views, Sci Fi is showing another Marathon on March 9th.

Many ask why we are targeting epix and thanks to Ratkeeper we have been following epix for a while now. As it get closer to launch we are starting to see more press releases as their management team starts to take shape.

New article on epix.

Several interesting quotes form the article:

"Epix also will be the place to go for marathons featuring James Bond, Saw and the Pink Panther.-Mark Greenberg (The CW recently ran Pink Panther and James Bond movies with Jericho as we all know).

Building buzz

Indeed, the studios hope that they can do a better job than premium channels do of galvanizing fans, for example by offering outtakes, interviews and clips from actor auditions. The holy grail is to transform a single movie into a durable franchise that can generate a bonanza from sequels, DVDs, digital downloads and licensed merchandise.

Epix's backers think that they can use the Internet to help build buzz, especially among young viewers. People who get the channel from a cable, satellite or phone company will also be able to watch some films and programs online. There'll also be opportunities to buy merchandise and purchase or rent movies — with some revenue possibly going to the distributor.

"Feature films are special, and (most networks and providers) have turned it into a commodity," says Emil Rensing, Epix's head of digital media. "Because we're owned by the studios putting the titles out, we enjoy a unique relationship with the franchises," for example to develop social networks or offer unusual items such as movie ads that were rejected. (Emil seems like same Emil that answered Artzylady several weeks ago that Jericho was being considered for epix).
"We want to always be treating our fans like fanatics," he says.

Hollywood Reporter today another article concerning another member of the management team.
So we continue to write letters and post cards and send emails with the official Jericho on Epix post card.

Gwen estimates they gave out 425 postcards at Wondercon addressed to Nancy Tellem at CBS Paramount.

Post Cards and Letters to epix and CBS Paramount in Mass on Mondays.

Mark Greenberg, President and CEO
1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036
epix website: http://www.epixhd.com/
email: superfan@epixhd.com