Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome Home Jericho Home Stretch

From Redsox UHD:

Hello Fellow Rangers

I have been using my time away from Jericho to catch up on personal things and to take a breather from a non stop campaign. This past Friday marked the 1st anniversary of the 2nd cancellation and the start of our 2nd campaign to revive Jericho again.

Over the past year thousands of fans raised money, put up a billboard and made and put on their own tv commercial. Over time many have left for one reason or another but Jericho continues to peak interest and continues to run on the CW through June 14m and on Sci Fi Channel.

Though many of us have grown weary and just want the darn movie made and Season 3 to be made the fact is we will have to continue to wait. The production team, actors and crew want to make more Jericho but they have families and careers to attend to until the movie can be made. The comic Book which is not something I like is a way that shows are kept alive these days and sales are tracked by the bean counters.

We can all still help achieve those goals of a movie and a Season 3 in our own ways. Writing a letter or email, completing the Feedback forms, putting a sign in your card window, wearing a t-shirt and most importantly word of mouth either through direct contact or through social networks like Face Book. We each in our own way can carry on the fight to bring Jericho back.

We have what could be the biggest and most important Jericho Charity endeavor in the past three years coming up on April 24th –26th in Los Angeles. It is first and foremost about raising money to help Soldiers’ families including their children who are left behind at home for 13 months and many times more. It is also a way for the Jericho fans to do something good and to promote the show at the same time. It is a way to help families and children of deployed soldiers and for providing a prime opportunity in Los Angles to highlight and showcase Jericho, its’ fans and what they are about. www.welcomehometojericho.com, look at this video: http://jericho4kids.com/press/link/v1/kayt/2009/02/10/what-the-welcome-home-to-jericho-charity-event-is-about/

Last year when we decided to target LA with the cable tv ads and billboard it was because LA is where the decision makers live and work and where we would get our best bang for our buck.

We need every Ranger, Fan and friend of Jericho who live in the LA area to sign up for the event. The event goes from Friday April 24 through Sunday April 26th but the most important day to register for is Saturday, April 25. That is the day we will have the silent auction and also when many of the cast, production team and crew are slated to appear at the event.

I am personally asking for everyone’s help and assistance on getting the news out in LA and Southern California and to get Jericho Fans, Moonlight Fans, military, Lions, Rotary members and others to get to the event on Saturday, April 25th. We need to get bodies to the Welcome Home event and make the biggest splash in our groups’ history.

We can and will get the movie made and a Season 3 but we need to keep watching each week and getting the word out. We are a large consumer group from all over, together we have made History and we will again. Together we can not fail!

Keep the Faith and Stay the Course more now than ever.