Monday, June 28, 2010

Operation Phoenix Update

June 25, 2010

Hello Fellow Rangers,

Comic Con is slated to start on July 21, 2010 in San Diego. We feel that some type of announcement may be made at Comic Con and that the delay in the comic is directly related to that announcement.

Right after Wondercon, Sam at DDP let us know that there was a delay with the comic that was related to something at CBS and that there would be a pres release. We have been waiting for a press release since April.

Ratkeeper found this link during a google search:

There was this statement in the article: "An official with knowledge of the division's development slate said CBS Films will have a number of upcoming development, casting and release announcements to make in the coming weeks."

Is this the CBS press release that DDP said we are waiting for?

After weeks of sending emails to DDP and the producers with no response, a link showed up on the Save Jericho Facebook Page from tfaw, which contained dates for the release of issues 4 -- 6:

Issue #4: July 7th
Issue #5: July 28th
Issue #6 August 25th

On June 9, 2010, DDP sent out their newsletter with a statement regarding the delay which included the following:


We must offer a huge apology to all of the Jericho fans who are still waiting on issue #4 of the series to hit the stands. The book is still delayed, and as much as it kills us that's all we can say right now.

We can say that issue 4 is drawn, colored, etc. and issue 5 is well in progress, and the whole series has been written, and unless the Mayans were off by a couple of years the book WILL be out soon.

Again, we're sorry that's all we can say at this time. For now, if you haven't checked out the series yet (6 issues in total), you can read them via iTunes or the new comiXology desktop reader, or buy hard copies online and at your local comic shop.

All of these clues taken together seem to support that we will get some type of news in 4 weeks at Comic Con.

Stay the Course and Keep the Faith,

Redsox 1986