Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Operation Phoenix/Comic Book Update

July 2, 2010

Hello Fellow Rangers

We have 19 days until Comic Con begins in San Diego. Ratkeeper tried to get Sam at DDP to confirm the release dates for issues #4 - #6. Prior to Wonder Con Sam, Josh and Junction Entertainment had been very engaged and answered our questions directly. After Wonder Con, we were told that the delay, of the comic, was not due to DDP and that CBS would have a press release. Rat keeper got this response from Sam this week:

From Sam Wells

Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 8:05 AM

To: gwen@az-technology.com

Subject: Re: Question on Comic forum

i've got nothing as for a release date - i know josh sent out that email that addressed everything ddp and included a section about jericho - if you didn't see that please let me know and i'll forward it to you.


JERICHO: SEASON 3 UPDATE from Josh June 9, 2010

We must offer a huge apology to all of the Jericho fans who are still waiting on issue #4 of the series to hit the stands. The book is still delayed, and as much as it kills us that's all we can say right now.

We can say that issue 4 is drawn, colored, etc. and issue 5 is well in progress, and the whole series has been written, and unless the Mayans were off by a couple of years the book WILL be out soon.

Again, we're sorry that's all we can say at this time. For now, if you haven't checked out the series yet (6 issues in total), you can read them via iTunes or the new comiXology desktop reader, or buy hard copies online and at your local comic shop.

I know yesterday Epix HD posted a simple 2 sentence statement on their facebook page:
"FlashForward and Jericho fans, sadly we will not be picking up either of these shows. We hope they find a good home -- they deserve it."

Think about this, why did they throw Jericho in with Flash forward. We have been contacting them for 2 years and as recently as April 2010 immediately following Jon Turtletaub's statements at Wonder Con we started to take over the Epix Facebook Page and never received any official statements other than they would like to see Jericho on Epix. Why now, all of the sudden and out of the blue did they lump Jericho in with Flash Forward? As we all remember there were several Jericho references including James Remar as Jericho's General.

Finally ask this question, why has the comic been delayed so long? If it followed the original schedule for issues # 1 -- 3 it should have come out on April 28th. Josh states that issue #4 is done as of June 9th, again why won't they simply tell us the new release date? We believe the comic is somehow tied to the next phase of Jericho. We may find out in 19 days so keep the fires burning.

As we have said since March 2009, when the Comic was announced, good sales numbers are key to the movie and continuation of the series.

Everything points to something coming our way, we need stay the course a little longer.

Keep the Faith,