Monday, January 18, 2010

Ranger Rendezvous (West Coast Resistance)

May 28 - 31, 2010
San Francisco Bay Area

As the resistance members slowly drift into camp, they find a warm, welcoming campfire and they hear songs being sung. They know the tunes, but the words are not familiar. As they come closer they realize they are hearing songs in praise of the Jericho Rangers!

JKI is sponsoring a contest for Jericho Filk Songs (songs done to a familiar tune, but with new words). New songs about the Jericho resistance and the valiant heros of the town that has become so important to all of us.

The judges of this contest will be the resistance members who get to sing the songs.
First place will win a frosted Jericho tankard. Photos of the tankard are attached.

For more information on the Jericho Filk Contest or the Rendezvous, please e-mail

Note: For the fans who travel from far away, Gwen and Robert will be opening their second home (located across the bay from San Francisco) for guests the week after the Rendezvous. If you would like to spend some extra time exploring the San Francisco Bay Area, then contact us and reserve your space. This is a first come first served offer.