Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Operation Comic Book

From Redsox:

July 14, 2009

Hello fellow Rangers, I hope the summer is being kind to you all. We have put together an outline to help with the promotion of the comic book which I am asking everyone to read and send comments as this is a group effort.

Comic Con is coming up in 10 days in San Diego. We think that something is going to be announced as there are 5 writers/producers and Lennie James confirmed for the Jericho panel on July 24th. Ratkeeper will be there and will get us an update as soon as she can.

The comic book sales will be key to getting the movie green-lighted so we need to push sales as high as we can get them. I have posted the outline below.

We need several people to volunteer to attend some of the larger comic book conventions, please let us know if you can attend. Also Ratkeeper has built an information website which is live. It will be on the business cards and flyers we will be handing out at conventions to get old and new fans to co to Jericho websites and to re-engage in the fight for the movie and another season.

Hopefully we will have good news next weekend.
Keep the Faith
Operation Comic Book:

  • Promotion of comic
    1. We need to concentrate people on two comic forums to drive traffic up and to get buzz going about Jericho on the comic book sites.
      1. Two sites that come to mind are Comixtreme and Newsrama as they were suggested to us by the media person from Devils Due.
      2. It has been suggested that we become part of the community of these two boards and are looking for several people to volunteer to go lurk at the Boards.
    2. Purchasing Comic Books and Contributing in Other Ways (non use of money)
      1. I had an excellent suggestion that we need to provide ways for people to participate in Operation Comic Book even-though they can not contribute.
      2. Putting together concentrated email/post card writing to Devils Due, CBS Television and Epix.
      3. Soliciting ideas from other Rangers on what they want/can do without spending a lot of money.
      4. Asking K6, Rubber Poultry and others to design individual post cards that can be emailed, mailed to Devils Due, CBS Television and Epix.
      5. Purchase comic books individually.
      6. Purchase Comic Books as part a large group purchase at Devils Due or another Vendor, pooling our money similar to the Nuts Campaign.
      7. JR4OT and Jericho 4 Kids are looking to do a Comic Book for the Troops purchase similar to the DVD to the Troops they did several years ago.
      8. Follow-up cards to DDP when we purchase an issue-customer feedback cards
    3. Spread the word to New and Old Fans online and not online
      1. Ratkeeper has created a website that will be live prior to Comic Con in San Diego on July 24th. The website will contain information on the History of the Jericho Fan Community, links to the Major Fan Group sites, information on the movie, potential 3rd season and the most importantly what we are doing to spread the word about Jericho. [Gwen said the rough site is up and she would like information on how to fill in the timeline and ideas for a "Frequently Asked Questions" section]:
      2. Attend comic book conventions like Comic Con in San Diego in July 2009, and get Rangers to the major cons in 2009 in Chicago, Atlanta, new York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Toronto and London and any others people feel are warranted.. (We need volunteers to attend each)
      3. Ratkeeper is making up business cards with the website address on them to provide to people to give out at the various cons, Our Goal is to reach as many people as possible who may be fans but do not go online.
  • Volunteers at the Cons or Events
    1. We need to get new volunteers interested in helping out at conventions.
    2. It was suggested we get several people to write about their experiences to help people better understand about the conventions and how to prepare for them.
    3. Ratkeeper provide information, including the business card master to volunteers.
  • East Coast Gathering
    • East Coast Gather in Baltimore , MD , September 18-20, 2009. The Hotel is going to be the Hilton Garden Inn Baltimore/Arundel Mills, 7491-A New Ridge Road, Hanover, Maryland, 21076 Tel: 1-410-878-7200 and the room rates are between $89-99 a night. There is a meeting room and pool at the hotel.
    • We are looking for ideas so we can plan out the trip. So far the following have been suggested: Shopping at Arundel Mills mall, Ft. McHenry, a water tour of the Baltimore Inner Harbor, and on Saturday Night the baseball game Orioles vs. Redsox. We really are looking to get the activities finalized by August 18, 2009
    • Join the discussions here:
      1. UHD: Link
      2. Yahoo Group: Link