Monday, July 6, 2009

Outside Jericho

Outside Jericho Cast & Crew News
From KrzyKitty:
Check out the video with Chris Kramer (Chavez) on this site (click the three in one film reel).

The US Attorney pilot that had Lennie James (Robert Hawkins) is now a TV movie that will premier on September 10th. Michael Gaston (Gray Anderson) is also in this movie.

From Analucia: Clayne Crawford (Mitchell Cafferty)
First up is a behind-the-scenes clip from the TNT show Leverage. Clayne was a guest star in the episode "The First David Job"; the youtube clip is titled "Anatomy of a Fight". I know, shocking to think that Mitchell is still getting into fights, right? It's an interesting look at Clayne and series star Christian Kane practicing their fight scene.

Clayne is also starring in a movie called "The Forlorn" based on the events of The Donner Party, that is supposed to be released this fall. Here's a look at the trailer.

Also, Clayne will be joining the cast of 24 next season.

HUMAN TARGET (Jon Steinberg) trailer.

From Schumi07jericho's Twitter feed: The trailer for Bob Stephenson's (Jimmy Taylor) new show "The Forgotten" looks pretty good. Premieres 09/22/09 on ABC.

From Schumi07Jericho's Twitter feed: Alicia Coppola's (Mimi Clark) new project? Listed as unconfirmed in "The Patient". George Newbern (Tomarchio) & Bob Stephenson (Jimmy Taylor) also cast. [Editor: This is a short film, 21 minutes, directed by Alicia's brother Matthew Coppola]

Apocalyptic News
Open casting call for a post-apocalyptic TV pilot in Austin , Texas :

Chris Pine in the post-apocalyptic movie "Carriers".