Saturday, July 25, 2009

Special JEBS from Comic Con (1/24/09)

After the Comic Con Jericho panel I called Redsox and updated him on everything and here is the message he just put out:

I just spoke with Ratkeeper who attended the Jericho Panel at Comic Con in San Diego.

Dan Shotz, Karim Zreik Matthew Federman, Robert Levin, Jonathan Steinberg and Lennie James were at the panel. The room, which holds over 400 people was ¾ full.

The Producers said the movie is very much alive and that they are looking for the right story line that they can use to finalize the sale of the movie and the comic book is key to that.

There will be 6 issues not 4 and they will be monthly starting in October 2009. The book will be a bound set of the 6 comic books. Karim and Dan spent time with Gwen and her volunteers at the Jericho booth before and after the panel. They even signed some items for fans.

There was a woman from CBS with the group who was amazed at the Jericho fans organization and marketing. Gwen placed Devils Due stickers on the back of the Jericho business cards and DDP was getting large numbers at their booth. The key to solidifying the movie will be comic book sales and our efforts to reach fans not online who want more Jericho. We will be finalizing Operation Comic Book and it will be launched next week.

Another comment made by Karim and Dan was the ratings for Jericho on the CW were very good, especially for re-runs on a Sunday night. The ratings have been noticed by the CBS executives and that is why the comic book is going forward with more episodes.

What we need are people to go to these comic conventions to hand out cards and let people know that Jericho is alive and well. We need Rangers to step forward. In addition we will be looking for ways both using money through the purchase of individual items and group bulk sales, as well as non monetary ways to reach people and get them on Board and buy some comic books.

Redsox covered most of the items better than I can on very little sleep. Everyone involved with the Jericho comic is very impressed that the fans are helping to promote the project and the CBS representative gave us a big thumbs up!

I will have business cards left over, so please contact me or Redsox and let us know if you can get to a convention and then we will mail you some business cards.