Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Corrected Free Jericho Poster and Postcard Instructions

I apologize for the faulty instructions for the free printing. The problem has been corrected and the new instructions are listed below.

These posters and postcards were designed to help promote the Jericho comic. Please put them on community bulletin boards, your local comic shop, or give them to potential Jericho fans.

Please follow these instructions, otherwise you will be charged. This promotion is good for seven days.

If you wish to print these locally, you can find the masters here:
Poster and postcards on right column.

Free Posters and Postcards

Go to

Log in with
Password: jerichonuts

Under "my account" box on far right, press "see more" button.

Press "my promotions" under "Welcome Back Wendy", then go to "shopping cart". The shopping card will be empty, but this step is necessary to activate the promotion on the account.

From the empty cart, press "my account" on top blue bar, then click "see full portfolio".

All of the shipments show under full portfolio, so some items will be listed more than one. You are looking for:

Standard Postcards

You can order 1 poster and 100 postcards on this promotion. These are free for the next seven days. You will only be charged for the shipping. For the slow shipping it is only $6.01.

Remember to add your name and address for shipping and billing. You can pay by credit card or paypal.

You must do all the above steps to get the free promotion. If there are any problems, please e-mail me: