Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank You's

Dragon Con
Thank you to the rangers who attended Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA and promoted Jericho: Pete, Larissa and the Future Traditions Podcast Crew, and Chris and Jay, who were dressed as a Ravenswood Unit (see attached photo)
Pete reported that "We handed some of the Jericho business cards out, put some on the free tables, and put most of them on the tables at the Hyatt regency, in the place where everyone congregates. They moved well enough and most of them were gone by Sunday evening. We had some positive reaction and a few that were very enthusiastic."

Thank you to the fans who have volunteered to run Jericho Fan Tables at other conventions:
Franfan01 (Los Con 2009)
Steph (MileHi Con 2009)
Andrew (TusCon 2009)
Windrebel (ConDor 2010)
Krzy Kitty (Spokane Comic Con 2010)

Additional thanks to these fans:
K6 and Cynthia for designing the posters and postcards.
Lee and Beebull for their work on the East Coast Gathering.
Rangerette for volunteering to help promote Jericho in her community.
Heather and Todd for volunteering to help promote Jericho in their community.
Robsorocks for volunteering to help promote Jericho in Canada
Jim and Jane 4 Jericho for volunteering to help at the fan table at Silicon.
Enrique from the Save Jericho! for volunteering to promote Jericho in his community.
Susan Gator for promoting at her school and local community.
Myvibesmom for keeping her eye on the Jericho numbers.
Ichthus for keeping tabs on what DDP needs to correct and for his help with the JEBS announcements.
Mikesmom and Scoobud for putting together the Comics for Troops effort: If you are able, please donate.