Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Vista Print Sale - 100 postcards for free (only pay shipping)

The internet print shop we are using for the Jericho comic promotional materials is having a sale. From now until Monday, you can order 100 postcards for FREE - you pay only the shipping cost.


Log In with this information - ; password - jerichonuts If it asks if you are Wendy (Gwen is my nickname) say YES. Click "see full portfolio". Click order on the standard postcards and if you only order 100 postcards you will only be charged for shipping.

You can also order a free poster or 10 free magnets; you may see other free offers as you check out. Warning: Do not order more than 10 free items or you will be charged. Remember to change the name and address so you get the order. You can pay the shipping charge with paypal or a charge card.