Monday, December 7, 2009

Operation Comic Book Update - 12/04/09

December 4, 2009

Hello Fellow Rangers

Well the Issue 1, of the Jericho Comic, Season 3 has finally arrived and the people I have heard from love the comic and can't wait for the next issues to arrive.

We understand from Sam, at DDP, that there was an issue with the post office due to heavy holiday volume, so many have not yet received their mailed copies. Sam has also informed us that the second issue release date will be tentatively scheduled for the first week of January (after the holidays).

The second phase of Operation Comic Book has commenced. We need to provide feedback to CBS and DDP and let them know who we are, a brief statement about our age, where we live and what we think about the first issue.

As we did previously during Operation Phoenix we want to make sure that we are giving back critical demographic information to the bean counters and decision makers. This past year we did that by utilizing the CBS and the CW Feedback forms located on their respective websites. Now we are going to do this by leaving demographic information on the DDP Jericho Forum and by sending the Comment Card, created by our own K6, to CBS.

Comment Cards will be available on http:/// by Monday. Look under the Save Jericho Effort section.

Jericho DDP Forum Feedback: Link

Latest Epix article says deals possible by early 2010, which coincides with the next comic release: Link

Mark Greenberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Epix, said he is "pretty confident" that another deal will soon be in place, possibly within the next several weeks.

Speaking at the Reuters Global Media Summit in New York, Greenberg added, "If a deal slides from this year to early next year that's fine by us. It's more important to get the deals right because the deals last for three to five years."

Greenberg said Epix is having "meaningful discussions" with Dish Network and other carriers, mainly on the satellite and cable side of the business.

He said the economy was partly to blame for the delay in striking deals. "Certainly the recession has an impact because people are being careful how they spend money," he said.

We still believe that the movie and possibly a continuation of the series will involve Epix. We continue to monitor the news releases to watch what is unfolding with Epix.

Lastly, look for more preview pages to pop up on various fan group pages just prior to the release of issue two.

To all have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Keep the Faith