Monday, December 14, 2009

Outside Jericho

Jericho Birthdays by Mud62
Ken Ali (Townsperson) - 12/15
Xander Berkeley (John Smith) - 12/16

Kitty's News Corner and TV Reminders
Nick C's Behind the Screens talks about Jericho Season 3: Link

Sprague Grayden (Heather Lisinski) was nominated "most shocking death" on the TV or not TV Awards.: Link

Erik Knudsen (Dale Turner) in the movie "Youth in Revolt" due out January 8, 2010 in limited release.: Link

Timothy Omundson (Phil Constantino) to guest star in new ABC legal drama Thursday January 21st: Link, Link

Someone wants Skeet Ulrich (Jake Green) back on CSI NY: Link

Jon Turteltaub's (Producer) movie "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" coming to theaters near you July 16, 2010: Link

Timothy Omundson (Phil Constantino) will be participating in Universal Studios Hollywood Grinchmas Will Read Dr. Seuss..: Link

AMC lists "for your consideration" Lennie James (Robert Hawkins) for the "best supporting actor in a mini series (The Prisoner).: Link

Clayne Crawford (Mitchell Cafferty) signed on for a recurring role on "24" playing a bad boy... =0)Oh, and Sprague Grayden (Heather Lisinski) on there too....: Link

TV Reminders
Bob Stephenson's (Jimmy Taylor) "The Forgotten" repeat is on Tuesday (ABC)

James Remar (Jonah Prowse) will be in the Lifetime Movie Network's Christmas special premiere "The Christmas Hope" December 13th.

In January, a lot of shows will be returning and some new shows will be premiering.... Stay tuned!

***JERICHO IS ON SYFY's schedule for January 11th... ***