Monday, December 14, 2009

Operation Comic Book Update - 12/11/09

December 11, 2009

Hello Fellow Rangers:

We still continue to see a lot of press involving Epix. DDP will be launching issue 2 with preview pages being posted to Fan sites, like they did with issue number 1, so be on the lookout.

Cox Said Near Agreement to Carry Viacom's Epix Channel in 2010 December 11, 2009

The ARG game seems to be in play so if you can check out the comlink thread [see ARG announcement for links].

We are looking to get sales figures for the comic and to get rankings and have asked the folks at DDP and our own Ichtus and Denny Wilson to help us out.

I understand that some have been upset by issues with mailing of the comic. As this is the busiest part of the year for mail, I am sure that is why they have delayed issue 2 to the first week of January.

I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With Junction and CBS still actively involved in the promotion and production of the comic, something bigger is just over the horizon.

Keep the Faith