Monday, May 24, 2010

Operation Phoenix Update

May 21, 2010

Hello Fellow Rangers

I just wanted to check in and address some of the rumors and talk surrounding the comic and the future of Jericho. We have all been wondering, since DDP pulled issue #4 from release, what is going on. There has been speculation ranging from DDP going out of business to the comic has been canceled by CBS and everything in between.

Right now what we do know is that the comic was set for 6 issues with the first 3 being released 7 weeks apart. Issue 4 should have been released on Wednesday, April 28, 2010. We have been told by Sam, at DDP, that there is a CBS press release due out to explain the production delay. We have been told by Dan Shotz that the comic has been extended and that they have told us sales have been better than they could have hoped for.

Over the past 6 weeks, there have been numerous Jericho articles and related stories popping up on the internet and in Flash Forward on ABC and in 24 on Fox. There have been Jericho related storylines, names and actors all making references to Jericho; with Flash Forward having its own Ravenwood named Jericho, with James Remar as Jericho's General. To some this looks like some type of product placement or part of some type of direct marketing campaign.

Jericho was canceled in March 2007 and we sent nuts, faxes, calls and they caved and put the show back on the air. The second time around came with another cancellation in March 2008 and since that time we have collectively, through many means have kept Jericho alive.

CBS is a billion dollar business that makes it's money off of advertising, such as billboards and sport venues, as well as through television, licensing and film. It green lighted the comic because of everyone out there watching Jericho DVD's or on Netflix, attending Comic Con and Wondercon, as well as all the past campaigns and the ratings on the CW last year.

Comic Con is scheduled for July 22-25, in San Diego. Ratkeeper and I feel that based on the information and clues that we have seen, something will be announced at Comic Con. We have come a long way in 2 years and we still hold out hope today for more Jericho, because all of us through many different ways stood as one and did not let Jericho die.

We are still here and still have a chance. Let's see what the press release says and what happens at Comic Con in July.

Keep the Faith