Monday, May 24, 2010

Outside Jericho

Watch Brad Beyer (Stanley Richmond) in his short "Straight Bashers"

This short that Brad Beyer (Stanley Richmond) co-wrote/co-directed and stars in, "Straight Bashers", is on the main page of "Funny or Die". Spread the word and VOTE (you can vote more than once)! To vote press the funny icon after the video plays: Link

It is set in very familiar surroundings and co-stars some familiar faces! This is part one; part 2 & 3 will follow. Warning: It is more than a little off-color and has adult content.

Jericho Birthdays by Mud 62
Carol Barbee, Executive Producer - 5/22
A J Holyfield, Baseball Bat Kid - 5/27

Kitty's News Corner and TV Reminders

Fox renews Jon Steinberg's (Producer, co-creator of Jericho) "Human Target": Link

Beth Grant (Gracie Leigh) to star in play "Grace and Glorie" at Colony Theatre in LA June 9 -- July 18: Link

DB Sweeney's (John Goetz) online web series "Universal Dead" launches first episode: Link

Skeet Ulrich's (Jake Green) new show not on CBS' schedule yet but there is still hope: Link

Stephen Chbosky (Co-Creator, Jericho) book "Perks of a Wallflower" set to become a movie: Link

Shiloh Fernandez (Sean Henthorn) movie picked up for foreign distribution: Link

Some really great clips from Gerald McRaney's (Johnston Green) new TV show "Undercovers" (NBC): Link

TV Reminders:
David Muenier (Russell) "Justified" (FX)

Sunday May 30
Chris Kramer (Chavez) "Stranger in My Bed" (Lifetime Movie Network)

A great place to find out when your favorite Jericho actor is appearing on TV: