Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Information on the Jericho Graphic Novel/Comic

Submitted by Ratkeeper at JKI:

From Sam Wells of Devil's Due Publishing:

1. What is the actual release date?
October, and narrowing it down to which week is not possible at this time.

2. What is the price of the issue?
The issue will be $3.99 for covers A & B (cover B is a photo cover) and there will be an exclusive cover C that will be a "Previews Exclusive" that will have a $10 price point.

3. How many issues are planned?
Tentatively four issues to start, which could go into more if the demand (Iknow, I know :)) is there.

4. Which retailers will be selling them?
Most comic shops in the US will most likely carry them. Once the issue of Previews is out that they're able to place orders you can ask your local comicshop to order and hold you a copy. We'll also have them for sale on ourwebstore.

5. How can I preorder?
Currently there's no pre-order available, but we might be doing a subscription service where people can buy all four issues of the series at once through ourwebstore. More info to follow soon!