Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jericho Graphic Novel/Comic Update

From Redsox1986 at UHD:

June 26, 2009

Ratkeeper received a response to our questions from Devils Due Publishing:
  • The Jericho comic will be out monthly, starting in October.
  • How does DDP want us to do to help them promote the Jericho comic? Message boards! And by that I mean visiting the comic sites such as Newsarama and Comic Book Resources and be vocal on their boards. You can also get a friend into the book, shoot for people that aren't even into comics. It's a wonderful thing when new people get into comics because of a title like this.
  • What kind of promotional activities do they have planned and will they be attending any conventions to promote the Jericho comic? We're doing San Diego as you know and Wizard World Chicago this year. We'd be open to any suggestions.

We need to get Rangers to Chicago (Aug 6-9) and San Diego (July 23-26) [ San Diego Con is sold out, so you must already have a ticket to go] and to any other Regional comic book conventions we can get to.

Also we are looking for Rangers to get to the following conventions:

  • Charlotte July 12
  • Toronto 8/28-8/30
  • Philadelphia September 13
  • New York 10/16-10/18

Check out a local convention near you.

I am putting out a call to all Rangers, please contact Ratkeeper (see top of message for e-mail) or me if you can make Chicago.

Ratkeeper is working on putting together business cards and building a fan neutral website, with the goal of handing the cards out at conventions to reach new and old Jericho fans who are not online.