Friday, June 26, 2009

Operation Comic Book Is Now Underway

From Redsox1986 at UHD:

June 23

Devils Due Publishing has announced that the Comic Book will be released in October. We had a brainstorming chat this past Saturday night to try and come up with a plan to help drive sales of the comic book to a level whereby the Executives at Paramount green-light the movie. The logical question is what can we do to increase sales and help DDP and CBS Television market the comic book. We are going to attack this on several levels. We will be looking to do bulk purchases for the troops, bulk purchases for schools, bulk purchases by individual groups and getting other fans groups such as the Brown Shirts from Firefly to help us out. K6 has suggested doing another auction similar to the one we did for the TV adds on Time Warner and UHD last year.

We are also concentrating on continuing to build the Jericho Fanbase at the grass roots level by word of mouth, continuing to stay active on the UHD, Sci Fi, IMDB and WIKI Boards, at JKI and RFJ Boards, and by getting Rangers to go to the major comic book conventions in the US in the next 3 to 5 months.

I am working on finalizing the plan with a group of Rangers to make sure it is organized and then we will post it to all the forums in the Fandom.

Comic Con International is the main event which is scheduled for July 24-26 in San Diego, CA. It has been announced that there will be a Jericho panel at Comic Con; we think this is significant and may signal that the movie and comic book are tied together.

The East Coast Ranger gathering will happen this Fall, September 18-20, 2009 in Baltimore, MD. I have asked Lee, Bee Bull and Sandbagger from the WIKI to co-ordinate the event.

Why am I asking everyone to stay the course and to continue to work together, because over the past month or so, we have been seeing bits and pieces of information that put together look like they are related and all point to the comic book being the precursor to the announcement about the movie.

The recent ARG game that caused a lot of sensation in the UK and throughout the globe has brought a lot of publicity to Jericho. Even though it looks like it was done by a private group it has been great publicity for Jericho a month prior to the big announcement coming at Comic Con.

As I mentioned back in November 2008 when we started down the road with Operation Phoenix, this battle was going to be won only if we reached the bean counters (the Executives in finance) who make the final decisions on approving production of films and TV shows at CBS Television and Paramount.

We set goals of garnering 2 million viewers on the CW by June 14 and we got 1,900,000 on June 14, 2009 with Patriots & Tyrants. We set goals of 1,500,000 views of Season 1 on You Tube including 100,000 views of the pilot and we hit 1,200,000 and 105,000 views accordingly.
Now we need to deliver comic book sales and we will do that if we work together. There are still large sub groups within the Jericho Fandom including over 10,000 on Facebook. We need to harness the energy of every Ranger and ever group and collectively we can drive the sales and get final approval for the movie.

Keep the Faith
Redsox 1986

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