Sunday, June 28, 2009

WHTJ Release Form Deadline

Posting for Scoobud:

In an effort to complete the WHTJ DVD, a deadline to receive a signed copy the WHTJ DVD Release Form is set for Friday, July 10. Emphasis and priority to meet this deadline is placed on those who attended. We cannot accept emails "granting permission". We must have the form signed and returned. After this date, instructions will be given to the videographer to edit out those who have not submitted a signed form.

Currently, I have not received signed forms from 10 attendees. Reminder emails were sent out yesterday, Friday, June 26. If you have not returned a signed form because you have not received the original email with the form or a reminder email, please email me (Steve) at scoobud3@cox. net.

Individuals who ordered the DVD online must return the signed form before their DVD will be shipped.

Help me get the word out please. Thank you to everyone else who has signed and emailed, faxed, or mailed the form back to me.