Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery

Comments from around the Jericho fandom:

kid_miracleman: 1 ep of #Jericho [left] to watch. How this got canceled while American Idol is still on rationalizes the domestic terror attacks in the show.

jeremiahmullins just finished the last episode of jericho ...feel like a part of me just died

arthurwyatt: the real apocalypse for Jericho will of course be not having a season 3.

James D. Giddings:
"J" is for Jake and Johnston Green
"E" is for Emily Sullivan and Eric Green
"R" is for Robert Hawkins
"I" is for IRS where Mimi Clark worked
"C" is for Constantino the mayor of New Bern
"H" is for Heather Lisinski
"O" is for Ohio , Columbus where Hawkins was supposed to deliver the nuke