Monday, February 22, 2010

Operation Phoenix/Comic Book Update

February 13, 2010

Hello Fellow Rangers

Comic Update: Issue 3 Release date should be announced soon. We received an update from Sam at DDP yesterday and hopefully we will not be disappointed. Let's see where this issue leads us. I think it may have a few surprises.

February 12, 2010- Latest From Sam Wells at DDP "We're going to press next week. :) Putting the finishing touches on it with corrections and such today and once we have everything at the printer then we'll be able to give a firm date."

We continue to see carriers sign up to carry Epix with the number 3,4,5,and 7 carriers in the US now in the fold and we have heard from Susan Gator that DirecTV is going to add Epix soon as well.

As K6 has mentioned, we have all collectively kept Jericho alive and the huge success of the comics has made an even stronger business case to the bean counters at CBS that Jericho needs to continue.

I hope that everyone in the Fandom is doing well and that we send out good thoughts for a quick warm up and snow melt down to those Rangers who fell victim to the Blizzards of 2010.

As always Stay the Course and Keep the Faith