Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Outside Jericho

Jericho Birthdays by Mud62
James Eckhouse, Scott Rennie 2/14
Chuck Whelan, First Assistant Camera 2/17

Kitty's News Corner and TV Reminders
One person's blog on what might happen on "Caprica" Esai Morales (Maj Beck): Link

Michael Gaston (Gray Anderson) movie "Hurricane Season" released to DVD this week: Link

A review of last week's episode of "Human Target" Jon Steinberg (Producer): Link

More information on Emily Rose (Trish Merrick) new series "Haven" coming out later this year: Link

Beth Grant (Gracie Leigh) to be on "Criminal Minds" March 3, 2010: Link

Clare Carey (Mary Bailey) to be in movie "Unrequited" due out June 8, 2010: Link

TV Reminders:
Clayne Crawford (Mitchell Cafferty) "24" (FOX)
Michael Gaston (Gray Anderson) "Damages" (FX)

Bob Stephenson (Jimmy Taylor) "The Forgotten" (ABC)

Jon Steinberg (Creator) "Human Target" (FOX)
Timothy Omundson (Phil Constantino) "Psych" (USA)

James Remar (Jonah Prowse) "Vampire Diaries" (The CW)
Pamela Reed (Gail Green) "Parks and Recreation" (NBC) returns March 18

Esai Morales (Maj Beck) "Caprica" (SYFY)

Saturday (February 20)
Chris Kramer (Chavez) in the movie "Elopement" (ION Network) 7:00 pm pst

Post Apocalyptic News
Survivors, a re-imaging of the classic 70's BBC series (which is credited as the first post-apocalyptic TV series), premiers Saturday, February 13th at 8 /7c pm on BBC America. Set in the present day, Survivors focuses on the world in the aftermath of a virulent disease that scoured the planet, wiping out 99% of the human race. Only a lonely few are left to start over in a devastated world where everything that was once safe and familiar is now strange and dangerous.
Read about Survivors here: Link

One Second After by William Forstchen. This 2009 novel deals with an unexpected electromagnetic pulse attack on the United States as it affects the people living in and around the town of Black Mountain, North Carolina. You can read the first few pages at Amazon: Link Jericho in the mountains!

The Fallout, starts filming in Winnipeg this month. The film's official synopsis suggests it takes place in the aftermath of a catastrophic explosion in New York City, where eight strangers take refuge in an apartment-building fallout shelter constructed by a paranoid landlord.: Link