Monday, April 12, 2010


My conversation at WonderCon with Jon Turteltaub covered the Jericho comic, future Jericho film, Epix and CBS Films.

I had asked Jon Turteltaub if Epix was still interested in Jericho; he responded yes. Shaun o'Mac raised a question regarding the accuracy of this portion of the conversation, so I went to get clarification from the producers.

I have since received clarification that neither Junction nor Jon Turteltaub are in current talks with Epix. They did say that Jon Tuteltaub's statements, regarding the future Jericho film and the comic sales being directly tied as a launching-point for the Jericho film, were accurate.

In retrospect, my conversation with him was at the end of a long day and it appears that he misunderstood my question regarding Epix. I would characterize my conversation with Jon Turteltaub as positive and hopeful. I want to thank Shaun o'Mac for his comments and letting us know that we needed to get the statements from Jon Turteltaub clarified.