Monday, April 19, 2010

Operation Phoenix/Comic Book Update

April 11, 2010

Hello Fellow Rangers

By now many have seen the update from Ratkeeper regarding Jon Turtletaub's remarks from Wondercon. The producers answered several questions from Ratkeeper regarding Epix and a possible movie. Although they said there were no direct talks going on right now with Epix, they did say that Jon Tuteltaub's statements, regarding the future Jericho film and the comic sales being directly tied as a launching-point for the Jericho film, were accurate.

That being said, we still believe that Epix may be in the mix down the road. Putting the show on Epix to run the 29 original episodes and then making and putting on TV, a one or two part movie would seem to be the most logical step if Jericho is to return other than a Comic Book. The cost of production will be lower and the risk would be minimal as CBS already owns the series and the cost would be far less than a movie made for release on the big screen.

What we need to do now is to write one email and one post on Facebook, to Epix, asking them to provide us information on how to sign up for Epix.

Example to use:
My name is John Smith, I live in Jericho, KS. I have Time Warner Cable. I understand that you might be adding Jericho to your programming and as a result I want to subscribe to Epix. How can I add Epix channel to my cable service. You can substitute the name of your cable company or satellite carrier.

If you watch content on your I-Phone, I-Pad, X-box or via the internet, tell them that and ask how you access Epix via these mediums; as Epix's concept is a cross media approach looking to get their content across the internet, cable, satellite and on I-tunes.

We need everyone to send an email and a letter or post card to Epix:

EPIX email address:
Mark Greenberg, President and CEO
1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036
epix website: Link

Also we need to get everyone whose is on Facebook to get onto Epix' Facebook page and post a similar message I am Sally Smith, live in NY, NY, want to see Jericho on Epix.
epix Face Book: Link

Ask your carrier, if they will be getting Epix. Contact information for Comcast, Time Warner and Direct TV Comcast Customer Service
215-640-8960 Comcast Customer Service Time Warner Customer Service ask Direct TV customer Service Form
800-824-9081 Direct TV customer service number

As we look towards the future we can help deliver numbers that they need to make a business case argument to continue Jericho. In our world, we can do that by buying the comic, including telling friends and family where to buy the comic, spread the word through word-of-mouth and social media and by letting CBS and Epix know we are here and will be willing customers. They will have someone watching and counting so if you can do one email and one Facebook post, that is all we need, no money or real time involved.

A special Thank you to Ranger M in Scottsdale, Arizona for understanding and coming up with a new line in the message that we are sending to Epix. " I understand that you MIGHT BE adding Jericho to your programming and as a result I want to subscribe to Epix. "

Think of it as completing the Census form only easier.

Keep the Faith