Monday, April 12, 2010

Operation Phoenix Update

April 6, 2010

Hello Fellow Rangers,

I wanted to update you on the recent events that transpired at WonderCon which was held in San Francisco this past weekend, April 2-4, 2010. Our team of Rangers were at the event all weekend manning the Jericho Fan Table.

On Saturday, Jon Turtletaub was in town and he was part of a panel that ended around 2:00pm. At 5:30 pm he stopped by the Jericho table and spoke with the Rangers. He was asked about the future of Jericho and specifically about Epix. Jon Turteltaub's response was that Epix was still very interested in Jericho. He went on to say that they (the producers) were also talking to CBS Films about the Jericho movie which means there are two different entities interested in Jericho.
Over the past 2 years, we have tried many approaches including the purchase of a billboard and making a TV commercial. In November 2008, we launched Operation Phoenix the purpose of which was to make a business case statement to the bean-counters at CBS that they need to continue the Jericho story.

Based on the statement from Jon Turteltaub on Saturday, we have achieved that goal through many different avenues from bar graphs and posts on Boards, to letters, ratings on the CW during the re-run last year and to surpassing the numbers they had anticipated in the purchase of the Jericho Comic.

What we need to do now is to write to Epix and ask them to provide us information on how to sign up for Epix.

Example to use:
My name is John Smith, I live in Cheyenne, WY. I have Time Warner Cable. I understand that you are adding Jericho to your programming and as a result I want to subscribe to Epix. How can I add Epix channel to my cable service. You can substitute the name of your cable company or satellite carrier.

If you watch content on your I-Phone, I-Pad, X-box or via the internet, tell them that and ask how you access Epix via these mediums as Epix's concept is a cross media approach looking to get their content across the internet, cable, satellite and on I-tunes.

We need everyone to send an email and a letter or post card to Epix.

EPIX email address:

Mark Greenberg, President and CEO
Epix, a Viacom Company
1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036

Epix Website:

Also we need to get everyone whose is on Facebook to go to the Epix' Facebook page and post a similar message - I am Sally Smith, live in NY, NY, want to see Jericho on Epix.
Epix Face Book link

We are going to get this done. We just need everyone to help push a little more. It is because of every Jericho fan across the globe that we are here today. The continued purchase of sales of the Comic and helping Epix see the numbers of people who want the show to continue are key to locking this up.

Keep the Faith we are almost home


Please note that although Epix is a cable/satellite network, their articles have talked of other ways to distribute - iTunes and a Netflix like rental service have been mentioned the most.