Friday, April 2, 2010

Operation Phoenix Update

March 31, 2010

Hello Fellow Rangers

2 year post cancellation status:

First I want to send out good thoughts to everyone for Passover and Easter both of which are happening over the next 6 days.

I want to wish Gwen and all the Rangers who will be attending Wondercon this weekend in San Francisco good luck and I hope they enjoy themselves. WonderCon San Francisco, CA, April 2 -- 4, 2010.

We believe there may be an announcement about the next phase of Jericho's future at WonderCon or in the media surrounding the Easter weekend.

Since last years WonderCon in February 2009 and Comic Con in San Diego in July 2009, we have been watching media reports and have been interacting with Dan Shotz and the people at DDP as they prepared and launched the comic book.

What we have seen of late, taken separately, would be appear to be coincidence or small shout outs from writers. But in the past week, we have seen James Remar, aka Jonah Prouse pop up last week on Flashforward as the "General of Jericho" the paramilitary contractor firm on Flashforward.

Last night Michael Gaston (Mayor Gray Anderson) appeared as a US army General who opposes the President's decision not to hand over a terrorist to his own people. He acts covertly and is accused by a White House aid of committing Sedition. He was in New York trying to keep a nuclear bomb from detonating. We have also had twitter reports that 3 of the actors appeared on the recent episode of 90120.

Flashforward and 24 have one thing in common, Producer and Writer Brannon Braga who used to work on several of the Star Trek shows while employed by Paramount, which also owns Epix. Could this be some type of pre-publicity move by the studio getting Jericho back on people's minds? It is possible, especially since both Flashforward and 24 are serialized drams like Jericho and attract the same type of demographic.

We know that Epix has 5 carrier deals in place and that CBS recently and deliberately took off all Jericho episodes and content from the CBS website. We have also seen a lot of articles pop up recently with Jericho mentions in them.

If a movie or miniseries is in the works then getting people thinking and talking about Jericho is a logical step before making any type of announcement.

I believe we may see something this weekend. We will have a team of Rangers on hand in case something breaks.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Spring as summer is now only 2 months away.

Keep the Faith