Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More epix News

From Ratkeeper at JKI:

Movie JV To Begin Epix Journey On Broadband In May
Paramount/MGM/Lionsgate Linear Channel To Launch In October

Linda Haugsted -- Multichannel News, 1/27/2009 12:14:12 PM MT

Las Vegas — The Paramount Pictures/MGM/ Lionsgate cable and broadband venture now has a name, epix, and launch dates: May for the broadband portal and October for the linear cable channel.

But will it be a pay service, as originally touted?

Read full story.

They will be starting their broadband (I presume they mean on-line) in May and the channel will launch in October.

They also mention an old CBS spy drama, which is the first direct link I've seen between CBS shows and epix. Now, we know they will have some of the CBS library.

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