Sunday, January 18, 2009

New ARG continue to spread word Jericho on the CW

From Redsox:

Hello Fellow Rangers, hope you all are having a pleasant weekend. We have started something new to get people excited and get more people thinking, watching Jericho on the CW.

We are creating our own ARG for Youtube and are looking for a person who is willing to volunteer to do the web design for free. We are going to use the CW tv commercials which has changed the Morse Code from the ones in the original episodes.

We have to remember ratings may dip tonight because of 2 NFL Championship Games but with all the press form Jon Turtletaub’s announcement we may also get a bump in the next couple of weeks.

We have a good chance for a movie which is step one, Jon’s statement has left window open for a Season 3. We still need to work and get ratings up, by writing and spreading the word out, sorry but I we need to keep pushing.

It would be great if CBS would get the Board back up as it would be helpful to have all the old information and contacts and it is really home for most in the Fandum.

If you can help with web design please let me know. Thanks

Barney link to post link to first Youtube clue

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