Saturday, January 24, 2009

Operation Phoenix- Jericho Rises from the Ashes

From Redsox at UHD Board:

January 24, 2009

Hello Rangers, tomorrow is a big day, no holidays and no NFL Football Games to worry about. Tomorrow is a seminal day in the resurrection of Jericho on the CW. With the press that has been generated with Jon Tutletaub’s announcement about the movie coming out and no football games we should see an uptake in viewers this week.

We need to keep writing our letters and cards, emailing and faxing, reaching out on social networks like Face Book and Myspace and spread the word person to person.

Ratings were going up and then we got hit with 2 weeks of Football Playoffs.

CW Ratings Goal is 2,000,000 by May 31, 2009

(12/21/2008)-1,200,000, (12/28/2008)-1,260,000, (1/4/2009)-1,560,000,
(1/11/2009)-1,100,000, (1/18/2009)-1,030,000

UHD Board Goal: 20,000 Posts by January 31, 2009
UHD as of 1/24/09:

By March 31, 2009
Youtube Season 1 Goals: views: 1,500,000 pilot: 100,000
Youtube-as of01/24/08: views: 1,172,761 pilot 87,044

Addicted to Jericho on Face Book was 7,200 on December 8 as of today 8,518 nd climbing, goal is 10,000 by May 1. -Welcome Home to Jericho event April 24-26,2009 in LA-help support the troops-UHD Phoenix link UHD Jericho by the numbers link-UHD link to Jericho Movie on Face Book-UHD link to ARG (alternate reality game) put together by Jericho Rangers-UHD

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